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How to Pick the Right Joint for the Right Woodworking Project

If there were no joints, there could be very little woodwork. They come in a great many varieties. This guide helps to remove the confusion from picking the right joint for the right job. Carpentry without joints is a miserable affair, depending solely on adhesive, nails, screws, bolts and other fittings, however, if you choose

How to Make a Miter Joint in Woodworking

With wood that’s square or rectangular in section, the first job is to make sure that both pieces are absolutely squarely cut. Use the try-square to check this ˇŞ if they’re not, it’s better to cut another piece of wood than attempt to make adjustments. Next, place one piece on top of the other to

How to Make a Housing Woodwork Joint

Housing joints are very useful in constructing drawers, door frames and partition walls, among other things: but they’re indispensable for fixing shelves neatly into uprights. The joint gets its name because the end of the shelf fits into a square-bottomed channel or housing’ across the upright. A basic housing joint is as simple as that,

How to Make a Dovetail Joint in Woodworking

Dovetail joints are not only beautiful, they’re very strong. Once you know the to cut them, it only takes practice a good fit every time. Most pieces of wooden furniture are built as either frames or boxes. The mortise and tenon, as the principal framing joint, is common in chairs and tables. But in box

How to Make a Cross Halving Joint in Woodworking

The difference between cross halving joints and corner halving joints is that you cannot remove the waste using only a saw. You have to make a ‘housing’ and for this you need a chisel. Saw down the width lines to the halfway mark and make additional saw cuts in between to break up the waste

How to Drill Holes for Dowels Joints in Woodworking

Holes for the dowels can be made either with a hand drill or an electric drill. In each case, obviously, the bit used must match the diameter of the dowel. The main difficulty is that you must ensure the bit is truly at right angles to the timber you are drilling, or a dowel that

How to Connect Wood with Simple Joints in Woodworking

It’s often thought that only elaborate joints give good results in woodwork. It isn’t true. There are simple ways to join timber, and one of the simplest is the butt joint. It’s easy to make, and can be used on natural timber or man-made boards. The great thing about butt joints is their simplicity. You

How to Choose the Right Nails and Screws for Your Woodworking Project

To ensure the success of all your carpentry projects, be sure to choose the right nails and screws for the task. Nails come in many guises for all sorts of different jobs such as residential roofing ones, though some are easier to find than others. Before looking at them all, a few general points are

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