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How to Use a Lensatic Compass

Using a lensatic compass is not very difficult. However, knowing about the basic components is important though. Basic Components A lensatic lens has three components: the base, lens and the cover. The base contains the internal workings of the device. The cover shows the wiring and points used for navigation and also act as a

How to Apply For a Passport

Passport is one of the important documents needed for traveling to other countries. It is important for proving the citizenship and identity of a person. However, the procedures for getting or applying for a passport are different in countries but the requirements for applicants are almost similar. For avoiding hassles or difficulties in getting this

How to Build a Rat Rod

Having little basic knowledge of cars, it is easy to build a rat rod on one’s own. First, following things are needed. Tools and Materials Needed Car Engine Chassis Components (transmission, lights, pistons, tires, etc) The objective behind making this car is for racing and speeding, every part needed for speeding it up should be

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