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How to Identify Dangerous Plants in Your Garden

Babies and young children love to put things in their mouths. Young babies, not being very mobile, will happily make do with whatever is immediately to hand. Soil, pebbles, the odd insect, all will be carefully tasted, chewed and then, hopefully, spat out. As they get older and more mobile children widen the range of

How to Grow Edible Plants in Your Kitchen Garden

Everyone has their favourite fruit and vegetables, but itˇŻs a general rule it is a good idea to grow things which are either relatively rare or expensive to buy. Vegetables in season are often cheaper to buy in the supermarket than to grow at home, so choose a few crops which are quick to mature

How to Add Live Plants to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Aquarium plants are, for some aquarists, a hobby in themselves. We cannot hope to provide here the detail that will eventually be required if your interest develops along this path – but there are entire books devoted to the subject. Plants for freshwater and brackish aquaria: You may be surprised to learn that some plants

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