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How to Replace Soil Plumbing Pipes

Soil pipes are replaced in the same way as plastic waste pipes but are much bigger – about 100mm (4in) in diameter- so they take longer to fit. They also have some different fittings, such as a soil branch for use where the outlet pipe joins the stack, and access fittings with bolted removable plates

How to Improve Domestic Plumbing System by Joining New Pipework into Old

Improvements or additions to a domestic plumbing system inevitably involve joining new pipework into old. How you do this depends largely upon whether the existing pipework is made of lead, iron or more modern materials -copper, polythene or even unplasticised PVC. The principle of joining into existing pipework is quite straightforward. You decide where you

How to Identify Old Plumbing Pipes

Here are some examples of pipework that you may find in your home. Most plumbing these days is done with plastic pipes and fittings, but it is still important to be able to recognise the type of plumbing you have in your home before work can begin. It is also worth noting, that although it

How to Buy New Plastic Pipe

When buying plastic pipe and components it is wise to stick to one brand only Pipes and fittings from different makers, though of the same size, are not necessarily interchangeable Most suppliers stock the systems of only one manufacturer, although the same manufacturer may make both PP and either PVC or ABS systems. It is

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