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How to Gain Low Cost Usable Space – The Attic Idea

Compared with building an addition, converting an existing attic can be a relatively low-cost way to gain usable space and increase the value of your home. Sometimes thought of as dark, cramped spaces, attics can be transformed into intriguing living areas, ranging from quiet adult retreats to children’s playrooms. Though an attic conversion may be

How to Conserve Energy – Home Improvement

When thinking about adding on, take time to reexamine your home’s energy needs and deficiencies. Heating costs continue to rise, and many homeowners are finding that solar heating is an environmentally sound, economically feasible energy saving scheme. Energy conservation comes first Perhaps the simplest way of making the sun work for you is to design

How to Do Your 'Homework' – Home Improvement

Once you’ve decided to add on, consider the timing. You don’t want a project that’s going to be stalled by a fierce winter (though interior finishing work can be done in bad weather). If you have a costly and complicated plan, you might want to consider adding on in stages over a longer period of

How to Get Started with Home Improvement

You might have any number of reasons for wanting to add space to your house. In the late 19th Century, Mrs. Sarah Winchester (of the riflemaker’s family) became convinced that she would not die as long as she continued to build onto her house. She started with eight rooms and finished with 160, $5 ½ 

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