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How to Decorate Your Garden with Large Structures

Even a small garden will benefit from some sort of decorative structure, whether it be a tiny summerhouse that doubles in winter as a storage room, or a pretty arch framing an entrance. Classical statues are generally more suited to grand formal gardens than family gardens, although clever positioning can vastly improve the appearance of

How to Deal with Children Injuries in a Garden

While minor sunburn, stings, bites, cuts, grazes, thorns and splinters can be treated at home, more serious injuries require hospital attention and the first aid techniques are no more than emergency measures. If you have any doubt or unease whatsoever as to the seriousness of your child’s injury, call your local hospital or doctor’s surgery

How to Deal with Animal Hygiene in Your Garden

It’s relatively easy to train dogs not to defecate on flowerbeds, but cats are a different matter. The best policy is to encourage them to use one particular area and to start this process when they are young kittens. Train them to use a litter tray, then when the weather gets warmer take the tray

How to Choose Garden Lighting

Nothing has quite such an effect on atmosphere as lighting. An otherwise plain area can be made wildly romantic with cleverly placed lanterns and candles. Lighting can extend the period for sitting outdoors, can be used to highlight features – such as an interesting tree, fountain or statue -and extends your enjoyment of the garden

How to Choose Chairs and Tables for Your Family Garden

Visually, chairs and benches may be decorative enough to act as focal points, drawing the eye towards a particularly attractive spot. They should tempt you to rest, contemplate and enjoy the beauty of the garden. It may be that a warm, sheltered spot is ideal or, if you prefer, a refreshingly cool, shady corner. Wood

How to Choose a Garden Surface for Your Children

Hard surfaces make for hard landings, and as children spend so much time falling over – whether from a rough tackle at football, a mis-timed jump over the skipping rope or nothing more than tripping over their own feet – a child-friendly surface is called for. Grass The most obvious surface is grass. It looks

How to Choose a Fountain for Your Family Garden

The sound of running water is not only relaxing but extremely refreshing. The play of light on the surface of a pond, the flash of colour and sparkle as sunlight catches a splash of spray from a fountain, all add an inimitable quality which can lift a garden from being merely pleasant to being spectacular.

How to Build a Wildlife Garden Pond

Give any child a fishing net, jam jar and magnifying glass, then let them loose to explore a pond or boggy area and they will be in seventh heaven. But however delighted your children may be with a pond, the local wildlife will be even more so. While some people think of a pond only

How to Build a Garden for Children

Children may start off full of enthusiasm for gardening but if they fail to get results, or the results take too long to appear, they will quickly become disillusioned and lose interest. To ensure this does not happen it is vital to give them a good set of tools, a sheltered sunny site, and good

How to BBQ in Your Garden

Eating out-of-doors is even more fun if you cook alfresco as well. ThereˇŻs nothing belter than a party of family and friends gathered around tables laden with salads and delicious bread and being tortured by the delicious smells of meal, fish and vegetables cooking on the barbecue. Barbecues fall into two different basic types, built-in

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