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How to Work with an Established Garden

If you have moved into an old house there will probably be an established garden. This may have been beautifully kept or be a jungle, but either way there are bound to be things you wish to change or adapt. Consider the shape of the garden. If it is very square you may wish to

How to Use Compost in Your Yard and Garden

Compost is a dark, rich, sweet-smelling, crumbly substance which improves soil condition by adding water-retaining humus and nitrogen -vital for the wellbeing of plants. Compost can be bought, but is so easy to make that there is little excuse for not producing your own. There is a two-fold advantage to making compost. First you are

How to Prevent Dangers in a Garden

There are many dangers in a garden, but there are precautions you can take: – Firstly be disciplined when you garden. Lock away all tools and chemicals. Accidents with gardening tools, both manual and electrical, account for 100.000 injuries to children every year in the IK. Garden chemicals can be very dangerous and include weedkillers,

How to Prevent and Control Garden Pests and Diseases

Pests and diseases are killers for plants and need to be kept at bay. Pest and disease control falls into two categories: prevention and cure. Prevention Firstly buy only the choicest plant specimens. Choose the most healthy, vigorous-looking plants and cheek that their roots are not pot-bound, and that the plant is not dried out

How to Plan Your Leisure Time in the Garden

Onto the interesting part – planning your leisure time in the garden. Start by listing the fun things you plan to do, or dream of doing, in the garden. Eating outside Everyone enjoys eating outside, so building or adapting a terrace should be top of the leisure list. At the same time you could consider

How to Plan a Family Garden

Divide your list into headings. First come practicalities, the mundane domestic needs of everyday life. These may be tedious to think about, but getting these details right will make the difference between an easy-to-run house and garden, and one full of little irritations – daily reminders that you could have done better if only you

How to Identify Dangerous Plants in Your Garden

Babies and young children love to put things in their mouths. Young babies, not being very mobile, will happily make do with whatever is immediately to hand. Soil, pebbles, the odd insect, all will be carefully tasted, chewed and then, hopefully, spat out. As they get older and more mobile children widen the range of

How to Design Your Garden Steps and Edges Like a Pro

Many gardens have different levels to be connected, even if only from the patio to the lawn. Ramps may be necessary if the garden is used by the elderly or wheelchair-bound, but for most families steps are the best and most practical solution. They can be extremely beautiful in construction and materials, with incidentals, such

How to Design a Kitchen Garden

The wonderful thing about fruit, vegetables and herbs is that there is a variety to suit every situation, whether it’s a small pot on a windowsill or a vast allotment. Even if your family possess just a tiny balcony, your children can enjoy the pleasure of growing and harvesting their own crop. Aside from the

How to Decorate Your Small Garden with Containers

The design of the house and garden should guide all your decisions on style, size, materials and position of all your garden furnishings. After all, nothing looks more pretentious than an unpretentious cottage or modern semi with an enormous grand inn in the middle of the front lawn. The result is pompous and laughable rather

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