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How to Clean an Oscillating Fan

If you have an oscillating fan then they can be great but they can also be a right pain; they could be a little noisy and if so then they can get right on your nerves.  If you follow these instructions then you could find it a little easier for you to clean out your

How to Clean a Mixed Flow Extractor Fan

When you have a mixed flow extractor fan then you are going to have to work hard to keep it working perfectly and prolonging its life by making sure that you have kept it clean and tidy.  The only problem with that is that it can be easy to build up; these can help your

How to Clean a Kitchen Extractor Fan

Many of us have a kitchen extractor fan; this helps to prevent fumes, smells and grease from building up in your kitchen and take it back outside.  This can help but the truth is that the fan might get clogged up easily so you are going to need to get this cleaned regularly so that

How to Change the Blade of an Oscillating Fan

A popular choice for many people’s homes are not the usual air conditioning systems, not even some fans like home fans or even desk or floor fans.  Everyone is going to have their own choices when it comes to choosing an air conditioning system so many might want to use a floor fan and some

How to Care For Your Whole House Fan

Our homes have to be perfect, everyone knows that. Whether you are a family household or just living by yourself, you know that your home can make up a part of your image and if it doesn’t look great then you don’t feel great.  We everything that we possibly can to try to make them

How to Wire an Extractor Fan

When it comes to trying to wire your extractor fan up, many people don’t really like to try to wire things up if they are not comfortable to deal with electrical wires, but in reality it’s something that you can do yourself without a lot of problems. For those who still prefer not to touch

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