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How to Layer Backpacking Clothes – Beginning Backpacking Techniques

Layer One: Long Underwear: Remember: dry skin = warm skin. However, this can be difficult to manage when you are also hiking up a steep trail with a heavy pack on your back. A healthy body perspires constantly to cool itself off. As the perspiration evaporates, it transfers excess heat away from your skin along

How to Deal with Common Clothes Washer Problems

We’ve come a long way since the women-folk used to beat the clothing on the rocks down by the riverside. Not only have they done away with that, now the clothes are put in the machine, detergent is added, and then 30 minutes later, clothes are clean and spun almost dry. And neither rock nor

How To Clean Ink from Clothes

Ink stain can surely ruin costly clothes. Besides this awful experience, it is very hard to remove this kind of stain. To successfully remove such unsightly impurity, it usually takes special knowledge and skill. Those interested in learning to clean ink from clothes can really save their favorite from getting trashed. Furthermore, a good amount

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