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How to Add Water to Your New Aquarium

Plain, cold tap water is acceptable, pretreated to remove contaminants if necessary. For your first aquarium, you will probably be buying fish locally, and they will almost certainly have been kept in local tap water like yours (but check!). It is thus usually unnecessary and undesirable to modify your water chemistry at this stage, even

How to Add Rocks and Wood to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Rocks: As regards water chemistry, choice of rocks is just as important as choice of substrate. Calciferous materials – limestones (including tufa), corals and shells – should be used only in marine, brackish or hard water biotopes, not the general community, especially if its water is already hard and alkaline. Otherwise use inert rocks such

How to Add Live Plants to Your Freshwater Aquarium

Aquarium plants are, for some aquarists, a hobby in themselves. We cannot hope to provide here the detail that will eventually be required if your interest develops along this path – but there are entire books devoted to the subject. Plants for freshwater and brackish aquaria: You may be surprised to learn that some plants

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