Lying A New Surface

Where complete removal of the boards is necessary, a new surface can still be formed quite easily by laying chipboard sheets over the joists. The chipboard must be 18mm. flooring grade. It is simply a matter of cutting out the sheets to coincide with the formation of joists and ensuring that all edges are well supported or get the help of Epoxy Garage Floor Surprise Az to do it for you. Fix the chipboard to the joists with 2in. screws inserted no more than 1ft. apart. Where necessary, perhaps in an awkward corner, fix battens to the joists as supports for the edges of the chipboard. And remember, that access to under floor writing or pipes will still be needed, so cut inspection panels in appropriate places that can be removed quickly when necessary.


And now for solid floors. Problems here are likely only to be slight. Cracks, possibly undulations, will be the only faults. The simple solution is to cover the whole floor with a screeding compound or Concrete Coatings. Special self leveling types are available from d-i-y shops. You simply mix the powder with water according to the manufactures instructions and spread it over the affected area with a stiff broom, and smooth it roughly with a trowel, leave it to dry and it will set perfectly level. There are also other types of flooring that you might consider like Epoxy Floors, vinyl and cork. We install epoxy floors, garage flooring, polished concrete floors, urethane flooring, and many other types contact Epoxy Pro for more info. If you consider a cork flooring you can look for a Cork Flooring Retailer.

chipboard Surface Lying A New Surface


Stairs are notorious for squeaks. The problem here is usually found in loose wooden wedges which hold the risers and treads in place. They can shrink, crack or work loose.


For creaking stairs, remove any defective wedges, apply adhesive and tap them firmly back into place. If a wedge has shrunk too much, make a new one. IT is not always possible to get under the stairs, of course. Here, a couple of screws driven through the squeaky treads into the risers will usually cure the problem. If a carriage block works loose, refit it with pins and glue. If the block remains a loose fit, cut a new one from softwood. Alternatively, screw angle brackets in position. The arm must be a little shorter than the steps.

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