How to Wire a Swamp Cooler

Many of us will have a swamp cooler in our homes though not everyone will have them running properly in our homes.  It can be difficult at times to work especially that if you don’t have the unit wired properly.

Having a swamp cooler in your home it could mean that the home is made easier because it will help cool down you rooms which is really great if you do live in a hotter climate which you need a lot of air conditioning. You can visit sites like to get your system maintained.

How your swamp cooler works can be very easy to understand; your cooler works by taking in al air which is hot or otherwise and then it goes through watering pads and then that filters it to make the air cooler cooling down your home also.  Spray foam can be waterproof. Check that out too.

Wire Swamp Cooler How to Wire a Swamp Cooler

Just say that you have installed your cooler then you want to make sure that it is working properly, you are going to have to check that the wiring has been installed correctly which some people do get often wrong so here is what you are going to need to wire your swamp cooler.

What you are going to need

  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of wire pliers
  • A pair of wire strippers
  • A number two Romex cable
  • Circuit breaker with the right amp as your cooler
  • Plastic wire nuts

You are going to have to think about your local requirements that you are going to need for your wiring.  Sometimes it could be that you need to mount this cooler which will be safer for a home or it could be that you don’t want to mount it in a certain place so you are going to have to think about the right option for you.

You should check your instruction manual however so that you could get this worked rightly.  You could get a professional in to help you with the wiring installation or if you know what you are doing then you could wire your unit yourself.

Now take your cable which should be a Romex cable and that you should see will run from your circuit breakers box to your swamp cooler.  You are going to need your wire pliers so that they will be able to connect your wires through the panel of your box then you have to remove it.

You take your wire strippers and take away some of the protective insulation around the wires; this should be around four to six inches of insulation from each end of your cables.  Now you can put your cable into your connector and keep that tightly in place with your clamp.

You are going to have to take away a small part of your white and black wires so that you can connect them up using your connection nut.  You need to do this for both the blacks and the white wires.

You will have to now install your circuit breaker however so you need to put your circuit breaker onto your electrical panel but you need your amp to be the same as on your swamp cooler.  You can put the circuit breaker at your bus bar; you are going to have to make sure that your unit is switched off.  If you are unsure about this part or which breaker that you are supposed to be using then you should be looking at your manual just to be sure.

Now you are going to have to put your wires to your bus bar through to your circuit breaker; your bus bar is found at your panel box which you will have to connect your black wire to this.  This should be going from your bus bar to circuit breaker.  You need to make sure that this is secure before you can try putting your cooler on.

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