How to Wire a Cooling Thermostat

Many of us will have air conditioning systems in our homes to help keep us cool but a lot of them will have a THERMOSTAT which helps to get the temperature in a room perfectly, to get yours installed or repaired by the Top AC Repair Services in Jacksonville.  They will have two different wires; these will be for your blower which keeps your room cool and your second will be the power. If you know nothing about electrical wiring then make sure to contact a commercial electrician for assistance.

You could get an expert to improve you ducted aircon system or you could just try yourself, it is not that difficult and it is very safe as long as you follow a few of these steps to help you complete the task properly, don’t worry if you don’t feel prepared, you can always contact 24 hour ac repair services for professional assistance. You can also visit the Inverter Mechanical Piping Solutions website for additional guidance.

Wire Cooling Thermostat How to Wire a Cooling Thermostat

What you are going to need;

  • Some wires
  • A wire cutter
  • A few wire connectors
  • A screwdriver
  • A measuring tape
  • And a thermostat

The first step will be to start your preparation work for the task in hand; you have to make sure that your power has been turned off for your thermostat so that you can start your work without a lot of fuss.

Now you can start your installation of the wires; you will need to get them from the AC unit which you should find be there on your thermostat.  You should take your instruction manual that should be with your unit so that you can change your old thermostat or you can hire electrician Murrumbeena to do it for you.

You are going to have to start off with taking your wire stripper and removing a small part of the insulation that covers the bare wires to protect them.  You will need to cut them a little so that you can connect them.

If there is any damage to the wires then you should remove them because you don’t want faulty wiring so you will need to remove all damaged wires so that you can start connecting them together.

So connect them together, you are going to have to make sure that all and any damaged wire has been removed because you don’t want any accidents to happen as a result of this so remember to take away all damaged wiring.

You should find that there are two different wires that you should have with your thermostat; there will be a red or black and the second should be white or yellow – these can vary however.  You will need to put the wires into the right terminals but they should be easy to do.  If you have a red then it will be marked with an ‘r’ or will be the color red and the same for the rest.

Now that you have put in all of your wires into the thermostat then you can finish off by putting your thermostat into its place.  You will have your mounting plate already installed which should have all of the different wires from there and then they you should be connected to your circuit board.  Make sure that you take your screwdriver and put the thermostat into place carefully because you don’t want that to come lose again. If the process it too complex, then this Electrician in Virginia Beach could help you.

You could get a protective grille if you would like to keep the plate and thermostat safe but that is up to you. If you find yourself in a pinch, then call an ac repair service to help you with the wiring. It will be fixed in no time.

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