How to Winterize a Swamp Cooler

You might have a swamp cooler in your home but you may have heard it also being called a swamp cooler; this unit is really like an air conditioning unit but it is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly however.  During the summer it is great but during the winter months then you are going to have to make sure there is no additional damage done to it by the weather so you may have to try winterizing your unit to keep it working properly.

What you are going to need;

  • Tarp
  • A putty knife
  • A screwdriver
  • A wrench
  • Some towels or cloths

Winterize Swamp Cooler How to Winterize a Swamp Cooler

You want to winterize your swamp cooler but you are going to be working with electricity and water so these utility things must be switched off before you think about starting your winterization of your cooler.

To turn the water off then you are have to switch the power off by the plug of the unit and take the wrench to help drain the water out.

Your panels; these have to be taken away from your cooler so you will have to get a screwdriver and remove the panel using this.  You should find your filters just inside the unit and you are going to have to remove them also so that you can clean them.

You are going to have to clean out your cooler so this means that you are going to have to clean it thoroughly and make sure that you get all of the dirt from the cooler.  You should think about checking for any signs of damage to the inside – you should pay careful attention to your water trough.  They too should be cleaned thoroughly so that the unit begins to work well during the winter.

If you want to minimize the water leakages then put a few towels or cloths down to make sure the water doesn’t damage your carpets or wood board.

You should take your putty knife to help remove the dirt from the unit; you could also see if there is any rusting there.  If there are signs of rusting then you should think about putting some rust proof paint inside to help prevent any rusting from happening which should be for outside doors also.

You should think about cleaning the tubes of the cooler out; the water travels through the tubes meaning that it is easy to get them clogged with dirt so they need to be cleaned properly also.  You should think about your water pump, if this is damaged or is not working as well then it could be that the piece has not been cleaned properly so remember to clean this out also to make sure there are no problems with the water pump also.

You want to check for any signs of contamination to the cooler so make sure that there aren’t any insects or animals able to get to your unit.  You should also make sure that the unit is clean and free from any dirt.

You are going to have to put in your panels once again; now that you have cleaned your cooler out then you can put the panels back again.  You could change the filters if you want them or just put them back into place once more.

Now you want to think about cover your cooler up with some sort of tarp so that during the winter months it is well protected and insects and smaller animals won’t be able to do either.

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