How To Use Jumper Cables

It’s a horrible experience when the car breaks down on the road with no towing service available nearby, and the most terrible situation is when one has no phone to call the towing service dublin for help. However if another car stops by and has a fully charged battery then there is a hope to start the broken down car if one knows how to use jumper cables.

The function of jumper cables is to start any vehicle whose battery is dead. This can be done by attaching one end of the jumper cables to the dead battery and the other end to the battery of the fully charged car. According to Towingless in Dallas, it is very important to do this correctly and properly to prevent sparking so there is no risk of getting electrocuted. After the task is completed, the jumper cables have to be properly disconnected. If you’d prefer to make sure that you car is in good driving condition then visit your car mechanic to see if you need to start looking for new automotive batteries or not. 

Use Jumper Cables How To Use Jumper Cables

Before using the jumper cables, it should be known first whether the car really needs one. This can be found out by turning the key and if the clicks but does not start then this means the battery is dead and it will be necessary to use jumper cables. However if the car makes some starting noises and there is nothing wrong with its electronics like lights and radio, then the battery is working and there is some other problem. In this case, the jumper cables would be no needed.

For using the jumper cables, they have to be raveled and made straight. It has two clips, one is black and the other is red. The car with fully charged battery (jumper car) has to be parked in front of the dead-battery car (dead car). The red clip of the jumper cable has to be attached to the positive terminal of the battery of dead car and the other red clip has to be attached to the battery of the jumper car. The jumper clips have to be attached to the metal part of the battery terminals.

The black clip of the jumper cable should be attached to the negative terminal (-) of the jumper car. The other black is then attached and grounded to the engine block of the dead car. It has to be clipped to any metal part of the engine. There can be some sparking but its not dangerous as they are not touched with any metal parts. When attempting to use jumper cables, it should be remembered to keep a good safe distance from the batteries during the moment of charging.

After this, the jumper car is started to run for few minutes to charge the battery of the dead car. When it has been charged, the dead car will be finally able to start. Then the jumper cables should be disconnected from the car s in reverse order starting from the black clip on the engine block and then the black clip on the jumper battery, the red clip and finally the red clip on the former dead battery. The former dead car should also be driven for nearly half an hour after being jump started.

During a long drive, one should always be prepared for emergency. One can never predict when the vehicle might develop any problem and again go dead. It is a good idea to keep the jumper cables in the trunk in case for any emergency. If any emergency does arise, one would have to look for a friendly motorist passing by and ask for help.

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