How To Use Hair Rollers

Hair rollers can cause nostalgia to some people. It is a label to show a housewife with bonnet hair dryers. This is what used to be back in the 60s when such types of styles were common. But the fact still remains that hair rollers are the fastest way for woman to style their hair in full curls and other styles. Following is the way to use air rollers for achieving some effects.

Things needed

For learning to use hair rollers, a variety of the said hair styling tool have to be practiced. For example, plastic rollers, heated rollers, and Velcro rollers have to be used for practicing. Several pins like u-shaped pins and bobby pins are also needed. Hair spray, hair net, mousse, gel and a hair dryer are also needed for styling a woman’s hair. If you are one of the few who is interested about how everything is done, here is a link about how are pins made.

Hair Rollers How To Use Hair Rollers

Steps for using hair rollers

Since all hair types don’t have the same needs, one has to be ready different types of rollers to match the different types of hairs. For example, if the hair which is to be styles id thick, then Velcro rollers will be suitable to use. If damaged hairs are being handled, then plastic rollers are best suitable. In case of styling fine strands of hair, heated rollers will be suitable.

The next step to use a roller requires some work on the hair. If plastic rollers are being used, then they have to be held in place using bobby pins. It is definite that there will be no problems with Velcro rollers as they are self adhering. Heated rollers will always have their own u-shaped pins.

Curl it or not

If more body out of the hair is desired to be achieved instead of getting curls, then the largest rollers available have to be used. But, if you really want to create curls on the hair to be styled, then the smallest ones are best suitable for use.

A secret to use hair rollers is to separate the hairs into different segments. A comb can be used for this purpose. If more body in the hair is desired, then one has to roll together large segments of hair into the rollers. On the contrary, if a lot of curls are desired, then a lot of hair segments have to be made and one small roller has to be used for each segment.

Keeping the style

For making a style that was made earlier, a light hair spray will be needed. In case if mousse or even gel was applied to the hair before this, then there will be no need to use a hair spray. A single pass of hair dryer on the hair can be done for holding the style.

These were some of fairly simple tips to use hair rollers. These are still fairly useful nowadays for achieving various kinds of hairstyles. More body can be added to the hair or a fabulous range can be created using hair rollers.

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