How To Use Hair Clippers

It is an expensive schedule to take your child to the barber shop. On the other hand, if you know how to use clippers and cut your child’s hair can help you save a pretty amount of money. However working with hair clippers can be a little dangerous if one is not sure how it is done. The reality is that even though one is perfect in hair cutting ability, caution has to be still exercised when using them. Following are some basic tips that are needed to be learned when cutting one’s own or your child’s hair.

Things Needed

Few things are needed when learning this art.

  • A good pair of scissors
  • Some clipper oil
  • A comb to get things working right
  • A small brush to help in cleaning

Use Hair Clippers How To Use Hair Clippers

Finally, you will also need to settle and get calm when working for the fist time.


Before starting the task, the clipper blades have to be cleaned so that there will be no interference with the blades when working with them. Stray hairs can even interfere with your work so one has to be careful. A small brush may be used to clear any hair or other mess stuck in the blades.

For making sure that the clippers work well, few drops of oil can be added to the hair clippers and the blades. Working with hair clippers will be easier when they are well-oiled. This can be done every time when using the clippers to keep them well maintained

The next step is to figure out how much hair has to be cut. Spacers are present in hair clippers to help with this part of work. These spacers can be used for maintaining an even and good distance between the hair and head. For instance, if you have two inch spacer handy, then you can run the clippers on the whole head while the spacers are attached. When the work is done, the hair that would be left will be measure about a couple of inches.

Comb will come in handy when performing the task. Learning to use the hair clippers along with the comb is also needed. Hairs can be parted into segments to figure out which part has been cut and which part is pending. The areas around the back, neck and ears have to be cleaned. When the wok is finally completed, finish off by applying some powder, anti septic or lotion on the neck to avoid possible razor burns.

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