How To Use A Voltmeter

A voltmeter is primarily used to measure electrical potential difference in electric circuits. It is a very important device in the world of electronics. It is basically designed to measure the voltage but some of its models can also amperes and ohms. In addition, it is also used to gauge pressure and temperature when suitably calibrated. In chemical processing plants, it is normally used for measuring the level and flow of machines and other operations. For understanding it better, it is good to know how a voltmeter is used from commercial electrical services, but if you plan on woring with lots of electronics then consider looking into how electronic contract manufacturing works.


First, the probes have to be plugged in to the voltmeter. The black colored one represents (–) while the red represents (+). The switch or selector dial has to be turned to the specific type of measurement which is desired. For instance, DCV is used for measuring direct current particularly for batteries. The switch can also be turned to ACV if the alternating current has to be measured. It is normally found on wall outlets.

Voltmeter How To Use A Voltmeter

Now, the range setting has to be selected. The available options range from 5 to as high as 1000 on the part of DCV. On the contrary, the ACV option ranges from 10 to 1000. When the range is set, the meter can be turned on and the measuring can be started. The probes can be held by their insulated handles.

In case of measuring DC circuit, the red probe has to touch the positive side and the black probe should be in contact with the negative side. However things for measuring an AC circuit are quite different. Instead of designating black for negative and red for the positive, simply put the red probe on one side and the black probe on other side. After that, the available reading can be easily found displayed at the digital display or the analog dial depending on the type of voltmeter being used.

Additional Tips and Helpful Information

Before turning on the meter, it is better to attach the alligator clips to the probes first. This will make sure that your hands will be safe and free from danger. The reading of a 9 volt batter must be 7.2 or higher. According to electrician Dublin, you should never put in the ohm setting when measuring live voltage because this can actually damage the voltmeter. For checking a live circuit, a test light or a voltage probe can be used rather using a voltmeter.

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