How To Use A Voltage Tester

A person who does work by himself cannot go without a voltage tester. It is one of the important tools of a tool box. This device helps to tell if the electricity is running through the wires or not. It also helps in telling if the power in the house is on or off.

Equipment Needed

For testing the wiring in the home, following equipments are needed, goggles or safety glasses and safety gloves. Safety if of utmost importance before anything else in work related to electricity. For everyone’s safety, it’s best to contact an electrician at Vernon Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical Services. Knowing the use of a voltage tester is obvious and one has to be made ready. However, it should be noted that every tester is not the same and precaution is needed. For working with overhead electrical lines, you’ll need the help of an electrical spotter Sydney.

Voltage Tester How To Use A Voltage Tester

How to Use a Voltage Tester

A two-pronged voltage tester can be used to test a house’s electricity. Using it will determine if the electricity is already on or off. An outlet box can be used if that is not mounted on the wall. It is worth noting that some electrical work involving high voltage, experience and extensive planning require an industrial electrician to get the job done right.

For doing it, the lead wire of the tester has to be used. This has a red wire, it has to be placed on one of the box screws the side of the outlet. Then, the next lead wire has to be placed, it is the black one on the other screw in the same box. If the light of the tester lights up then it means that power is present on this outlet.

For example, if all the outlets are already mounted on the wall, then place the red lead wire on the outlet and black one has to be placed on the screw on the top.

If a receptacle is to be tested, then a different tester would have to be used. A plug tester with three lights on it can be used for receptacles. It is used for identifying if the receptacle has power and if it is properly wired or not.

Learning to use a voltage tester means that one has to be familiar with different sizes and types of testers. There are hand-held testers commonly used for testing electricity at home. There is also larger high voltage testers used in commercial buildings. Other type is non-touch testers that look similar to a pen.

Using the Right Tester

One has to be sure how a voltage tester is used which is designed for a particular purpose. Hand-held testers are very convenient to use if only testing of wiring is required at home. But in case of high voltage devices or high voltage receptacles, a high voltage tester has to be used instead of a handheld tester. For the high voltage receptacles, an electrician, such as those at Electrical Synergies, would have to be called in.

When you need a trusted electricians in North Brisbane you can always get in touch with JCT Electric to help you with cabling, installing and other electrical service needs.

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