How To Use A Soaker Hose

It can be a really boring activity to water the garden. However, one can give up the routine of watering plants by just learning to use a soaker hose. This efficiency model is very much effective as compared to a garden hose which would be helpful to a gardener in saving a good amount of water, time and money.

The length of an ideal soaker hose should be not more than 50 feet. It is very suitable for flat areas of a garden. For hooking it up to use, first the hose has to be directly placed on the ground and it should not be covered with any soil. There is an option of curving the hose or laying it straight along the ground. If you have a wide garden, you might need a Layflat Hose Coupler to connect it to other hoses or to the water source.

The soaker hose’s lines should be about 18 inches apart from one another. The space of the hose should be roughly two inches from the bases of the plants. It would help in ensuring that the plants will get proper amount of water.

Soaker Hose How To Use A Soaker Hose

The soaker hose must be hooked to the external valve. In case the hose is unable to reach the valve, a standard garden hose can be used for connecting them.

The next step is to place the landscaping pins nearly two feet apart from each other over the soaked hose. They have to be pushed deep enough into the ground so that the soaker hoses are not folded. This is important for allowing easy flow of water through the hose.

At this stage, use mulch for covering the soaker hose. This is not only done for keeping the hose away from sight but also for helping in maintaining the moisture of the garden soil. As the type of mulch is concerned, the available choices are grass clippings and pine chips.

Whenever watering is done, the water must be allowed to saturate the soil not more than 8 inches. Watering must only be done from time to time. The suitable time is nearly half an hour, testing the water’s depth will give a clear indication the soaking time of water into the soil.

For protecting the soaker hose and the regular one during the winter season, their insides should be flushed with water and then disconnected. Any dirt and stains have to be washed off and the hoses have to be completely dried before coiling them for storage.

The major benefit of learning to use a soaker hose is its ability of efficiently using water. This will help in saving a good amount on water bills and the fact that it can be saved with environmental sound of water. It helps the plants in getting nourished in a better way as the water seeps into the soil deep down to their roots keeping their leaves wet and preventing burns by direct sunlight exposure. When comparing it with other styles of garden watering, the use of soaker hose seems to be a practical choice. Using it is worth for having benefit.

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