How To Use A Manual Camera

It is the blessing of camera that we can easily capture almost every memorable event in their lives. With just a click, a snap of a particular moment is possible to last for a long time. In this modern era, there are already highly advanced models but there is nothing more special than what a manual camera can do. Even without having customary technologies available in digital versions, it can still produce high quality pictures with only few clicks of button. Here is a fast look in to the different steps for using a manual camera but if you plant to take pictures of an event, you better hire professionals services like Christophe Viseux Photography.

Things Needed

The looks of a manual camera can be easily enhanced by providing it with a personalized touch. A lot of items are available today and all of them can help in improving the looks of your camera. These include flashes, bags and of course brand new camera lenses. If you’re into sports photography, level up your photos with the Best Nikon Lens for Sports. Since Qatar World Cup is about to happen, you can use it to capture some of the best moments in sports competition. In addition, other items can also be added like lens cleaner, a lens cap and a light meter. Furthermore, extra films, a camera tripod and camera straps can also be brought. When these things have been gathered, the manual camera will definitely give a lot of joy while taking pictures. You can get info and learn more on this site about photography. Procedure explained by wedding photographer Catherine J. Gross found below.

Manual Camera How To Use A Manual Camera


  • A latch is located somewhere at the right side of the camera, it has to be pressed down. The back part of the device will be opened because of this. Select a good film and carefully load it in the camera. Make sure that it is closed well. Afterward, the film has to be winded and wait till the number ‘1’ appears on the film counter. A dial is located at the left top part of the camera. It is used for setting the speed. For determining the proper settings, a light meter can be used to adjust the lens. Similarly, it should be made sure that the right shutter speed is put in.
  • Now, the flash has to be gently slipped on top. It has to be secured in place by turning the mount which is located at the lower part of the flash. The flash has to be now turned on and the shutter speed has to be selected at 1/60th per second. The right type of lens has to be selected and it has to be firmly attached to the body of the camera. Some camera models have a lens release located somewhere near the lens itself.
  • Take a look through the viewfinder window. Try focusing the camera. It can be easily done by turning the focusing ring. If all the settings are set well and now you are ready to take a picture, push the shutter release gently which is located somewhere at the right top part of the camera. After taking the snap, the film has to be winded in order for setting up the next frame. When all the shots available in a single roll of film have been exhausted, rewind it again. Then the back part of the camera can be opened for removing the film.

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