How to Use a Dryer Vent Periscope

When it comes to your homes then we will all use several of different methods when it comes to fans and ventilation systems.  Some people prefer vents in their homes and others don’t like to go for that option, it can be different from every household however so you might find that your home has a vent but your neighbor has a fan or other system in their homes.  So everyone is going to vary as it will be really up to you as to what kind of system that you could get in your home.

Many people however choose to get a dryer vent in their home; now with some dryer vents it will be that you have a dryer in your home which should be put at the bottom of your dryer, if you want the opinion from an expert, check with this Commercial Ventilation expert.  Your vent will be attached to your wall but it should be placed in a room at the best possible location so that it will have maximum effect.

Dryer Vent Periscope How to Use a Dryer Vent Periscope

You could get a dryer vent periscope which is going to connect your vent to your dryer and the wall; the periscope will be made of solid metal which will mean that there is less chance of there being any substantial damage to the periscope however.  This means it will last longer, it won’t be easily damaged and you would not have to twist or bend the periscope to fit it in place unlike you would have when you have a hose as your duct work.

Getting a dryer vent periscope would be actually a better tool to have in your home rather than a duct hose which may be made out of plastic and not metal.

When it comes to measuring out your vent then it won’t actually be that you need a lot of room to install the periscope unlike you would need with your hose.  So you are only going to need to have a small amount of space from your wall and your dryer.  Around an inch or two will be enough for this part but you are going to have to measure the periscope out perfectly however.

You should get some instructions or manuals which tells you all the specifications of the periscope.  You could find that your periscope might have telescope ability if you need to extend them somewhat; so you can put your vent into place and secure it with the periscope as much as you need it to be.

Now the next thing that you are going to have to think it is how you are going to secure everything into place.  When you buy your dryer vent periscope then you should have a periscope kit; this helps you to install your unit in fact but you should find that there is a clamp – it should be a fitted steel ring which you can secure your periscope.

You might have to buy this however if you find that you don’t have a periscope kit or if that piece is missing but don’t worry these won’t cost you a lot and it is easy to find also.

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