How To Use a Broiler

A broiler can most likely be acquired with a new range or oven. However it is interesting to know that most of the homemakers don’t get a chance to use these broilers just because they don’t know how it is used. This simple guide will help you through the easy steps to use broiler and provide you with more options to prepare and cook food.

Things Materials

For using the broiler, the thing which is needed is the food that is to be cooked, an oil spray and a broiler pan. The next thing which is needed to understand is the broiling process.

Use Broiler How To Use a Broiler

Broiling Process

To learn the use of broiler needs understanding of the broiling process. This cooking method requires extreme heat to penetrate the food from above. This is the reason that a broiler is sometimes referred as an upside down grill. The heat source of the food is located at the top of the food whereas the heat source of the grill is located underneath. Usually the lower section of a range is reserved for storing items that are normally used with the oven including the broiler pan.

The solid pan and the ridged pan have to be removed from the range’s drawer. The food has to be usually placed on the ridged tray. The solid pan has to be usually placed under the ridged pan to catch the falling fat and juices that comes off from the food which is being broiled. Before the broiling process is started, a coat of oil has to be sprayed on the ridged pan to prevent sticking. A fine tip during this process is to pour a cup of water into the pan at the bottom for avoiding any smoke to rise.

Broiling Secrets

Broiling grains will give it a good exterior of brown color and will only take few minutes to cook. When cooking thick meat slices, they need longer time to cook. The thicker meat slices require slow speed for cooking them.

The thicker cuts should be placed further from the heat source. The thick slices should be checked regularly and the slices have to be flipped for heating the other side. The thin slices will cook faster which means that they have to be quickly checked to avoid burning.

Another good tip to use a broiler is to leave door opened very little. This is for ensuring that the cooking gets the most broiling effect and not just roasting or baking. Meat usually takes around four minutes to cook. While broiling, if you find that the food is turning brown very fast, then move the rack to the lower level.

These were simple basics for using a broiler. This is a fast method for cooking with its own unique effect on the food which is being prepared.

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