How to Uninstall an Ethernet Driver

Ethernet adapter helps you connect with other computer. It’s actually the adapter that is responsible for the network access to your computer. The Ethernet port can be seen on the back of your computer system, where you can plug in the Ethernet or LAN cable/leased lines. Ethernet driver, like other hardware, can also be uninstalled. Following is the detail procedure to uninstall the Ethernet driver from your Windows machine:

how to uninstall an ethernet driver How to Uninstall an Ethernet Driver

  1. Open My Computer. My Computer is the gateway to all the storage drives on a system. To access it, there is a shortcut visible on the Desktop with the name ‘My Computer’ and a special icon of a computer. You can double click it and it will be opened. Another way of navigating to My Computer is through Start menu. Click on the Start button on the bottom left corner of the desktop. There you will see an option of ‘My Computer’ along with ‘My Documents’ and ‘Control Panel’. Click on it and it will open.
  2. Open the ‘System Properties Dialog Box’. This can be opened either by click on the ‘View System Information’ on the left side in My Computer, or by right-clicking at empty space inside the My Computer and then clicking on the ‘Properties’.
  3. Click on the tab labeled ‘Hardware’. There will be three buttons in this tab labeled ‘Hardware Profiles’, ‘Drivers’ and ‘Device Manager’. Click on the button with ‘Device Manager’ written on it.
  4. A new window will open which will have a tree of all the devices attached to your computer. This is the place from where you can change the settings of any device on your system. This tree is expandable. You will see + sign on the left side of each listing. By clicking on it, the listing will expand. For example, if you want to see your Hard Disk you simply have to click on the + sign of the ‘Disk Drives’.
  5. Find the ‘Network Adapter’ listing. Click on the + sign and it will show a list in which your Ethernet adapter will also be present.
  6. Click on your Ethernet adapter and you will see some changes in the dialog box on the top of it. A new set of icons will be shown there. There will be a screen having an X on it. There will be a screen having an O on it too. A screen with a tick on it will also be present. First will uninstall the driver while the second will just disable it. Click on the screen with X on it and the uninstalling process will start. It will ask you if you want to uninstall the disk driver or not, first. Once the process is completed your driver would have been uninstalled.

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