How to Uninstall a CD Driver

If you have got a new hardware for your personal computer, it will require a special kind of software to integrate it with the operating system. This special software is known as the driver of that hardware. Sometimes you need to uninstall driver when you want to change the hardware or remove it or even when you want to troubleshoot it. Following is the detailed procedure to uninstall the driver of the CDROM from the system running Microsoft Windows:

how to uninstall a cd driver How to Uninstall a CD Driver

  1. Open My Computer. My Computer is the gateway to all the storage drives on a system. To access it, there is a shortcut shown on the Desktop with the name ‘My Computer’ and a special icon of a computer. You can double click it and it will be opened. Another way of navigating to My Computer is via Start menu. Click on the Start button on the bottom left corner of the desktop. There you will see an option of ‘My Computer’ along with ‘My Documents’ and ‘Control Panel’. Click on it and it will open.
  2. Now locate the optical drive in My Computer. You will see that all the storage drives are labeled with the letters C:, D:, E:, F: etc. Among these the CD drive can easily be distinguished by its icon and the letter. The icon will look like a compact disk. Also the optical drive will have ‘CD/DVD’ written on it. Right click on the optical drive and it will open a menu. Click on the ‘Properties’. It will open up the properties dialog box of the CDROM drive. Click on the ‘Hardware’ tab. Make sure that ‘CD Drive’ is selected in the ‘All disk drives’ option. To open the specific properties dialog box for the optical drive click on the button labeled ‘Properties’.
  3. Now click on the tab labeled ‘Driver’. A new dialog box will open and it will have four buttons on it. The first button says ‘Detailed Information’, the second button is labeled ‘Update’, the third says ‘Rollback’ and the last button will have ‘Uninstall’ written on it. Click on this button and the process of uninstalling will start. It will ask you if you want to uninstall the disk driver or not, first. Once the process is completed your driver would have been uninstalled.

Remember once the driver is uninstalled, the system will not recognize the CDROM even if it’s attached with it or not. Now you can remove the hardware from the machine. It is ready to be changed or to be removed now.

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