How to Understand the Future of Telecoms

The face of the telecommunications sector is changing rapidly. If you want to stay on top of things in this vertical, you need to be aware of the top three industry trends that are likely to define its future growth and development. One of the biggest concerns of this industry is slow or ineffective implementation of regulations that have been drafted to enforce necessary reforms in this vertical. Though this did gain momentum in the last year, a lot is yet to be achieved. According to industry experts, the top three trends that will govern the telecom sector in the coming year are listed in the following paragraphs.

The growth in subscriber base is likely to slowdown

Ever since the telecom boom in the country, this industry has gone from strength to strength, adding millions of subscribers every year. However, a new trend is expected to emerge on this front in the coming year. Compared to the earlier growth rate in subscriber base of three million in a week in 2011, it has already slowed down to six million subscribers per month. According to expert opinion, it is expected to slow down even further in the next year, as network expansion in the rural regions is still slow and a number or dormant accounts will be disconnected in the next few months.

telecom antenna How to Understand the Future of Telecoms

Network overhaul is in the cards

Another important industry trend that is likely to define the course of the sector is a complete overhaul of the telecom network of all the major players in the market. Thus, every big industry player, be it Idea, Airtel, Vodafone, Reliance, or Tata Docomo is expected to come up with new strategies when it comes to planning network expansion as well as innovating and diversifying the same. With every telecom company complaining about scarce spectrum, it has now become imperative from each of them to come up with innovative ways to manage their network resources effectively to ensure that they deliver better quality service to their subscribers and that too at a lower cost. Thus, most telecom players are expected to embark on their next phase of network planning activity in the coming year.

ROI will become the focal point for top management

With the slowdown in the revenue growth, top management in all telecom companies is expected to keep the expenditure and the investment departments on a short leash. Thus, if you are looking at Idea careers in these departments in the coming year, you should be prepared to take the heat from senior managers. You need to be able to strike a balance between reducing expenditure and pushing innovative initiatives undertaken by the research and development department. Consider implementing an API system that includes Salesforce SAP integration.

Almost all the industry trends mentioned above follow from the surprise successes and the disappointments of the last year. Thus, apart from the above-mentioned trends, telecom companies are expected to turn their focus on exciting the customer with niche services and novel experiences in the next year. Thus, the next year is going to be a year of reorientation for telecom companies and the ones that adapt better to the changing market scenario will emerge on the top of the industry pyramid at the end of the year.

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