How To Tile Bathroom Walls And Shower/Tub Area

Sometimes in our homes, we can have wallpaper or paint in our bathrooms but that doesn’t have the best effect when it comes to your bathroom remodeling project because it can get damaged with water and mold that may sometimes build up. That is why many people decide to put in a wall tile in their bathroom, they just have to make sure to measure their space properly. That way they don’t run into any trouble if they need a double sink vanity installed in their bathroom.

Your first step in any bathroom remodeling project should be to think about what you want your bathroom to look like. If you have not decorated in years then you might want to change it drastically to make their home more fashionable by hiring this bathroom resurfacing as well as bathtub refinishing services.

Tile Bathroom Walls And Shower How To Tile Bathroom Walls And Shower/Tub Area

You don’t have to choose a style that you don’t like because there are thousands of types of tiles that you could choose from in fact but you should be thinking about the type you want to get and then think of your finishing options, fine bathroom tile board should go underneath any tiles.  It could be that you go for top caps but before all of that then you are going to have to think about which type of tiles that you have decided to go for and think about how your pattern is going to be going down. You could also go for granite since it’s sturdier. Visit for more information.

You are going to have a certain pattern, if they are a little bit different colors or are they just plain white and aren’t going to be going down in a certain pattern.  What is the point of figuring out how you want them to be put in when you are unsure of what kind of tiles you are going for, so choosing your pattern and tiles, first are going to be the things that you need to do first then you can continue with the shower doors glass.

You are going to have to measure out the area in which you are going to need your tiles for so measure first.  You should do this a few times so that you get the right sizes and if you want to draw out some plans to take to your local tiling shop so that you and they can see what designs you want and can get the right ones for you.

Now you can go out and get the tiles that you want for  your shower remodeling project and then you can start to prepare for the work to be done. Make sure that you get the right shower doors that would look great with those tiles.

You should think about getting some silicone caulk and put that all around the area in which you are going to be putting down your tiles to help them lay better.  You should smooth this out as best as you can to get a smoother finish.

Depending on how you want your blades and which one you are working with, it might be that you have to cut them down to size if they are too big so you are going to need a diamond blade to make this part easier for you. You can refer to credible sites like for information on the tools, cutters etc.

You could decide to cut them at an angle which could be a forty five angle which could be helpful when it comes to putting the tile that will be going all around the edge of your border.  If you use a diamond blade then these could look a little more professional than you would think so that people would believe that a professional actually installed your tiles for you.

You want your tiles to be level and follow in a straight line that is why a Laser Level is Beneficiary to help you with this part.

You could help your laying of the tiles by getting some mastic and put where your first line of tiles is going to be going.

You should think about starting your project at one corner of your shower and start to set your tile rail which your first tile should be cut an angle of forty five degrees.

You could measure out how much tiles you will need for one line from top to bottom by measuring with your tape measure so that you can know what you are going to need to cut and how many you are going to need.

You really should have a strong sealant or adhesive so that there won’t have the trouble of any tiles falling back off the wall.

Now you can use your laser level to know how many tiles you are going to need for your bathroom so that you will know that you are going to have enough and won’t have to go back out and buy more half way through the job.  So this would be a good thing to use.

 How To Tile Bathroom Walls And Shower/Tub Area

You want to get a professional in bathroom remodeling look to your tiles so you want to make sure that they look almost brick like in a way and the same when you come to the end of the wall.  If you have a tile that finishes just short of the top of your wall then you are going to have to cut this down to measure so that it fits in with the rest of your wall. Remember to call wallpaper removal companies to help you remodel your property.

You can start on the next row but you are going to have to put some more mastic on your wall so that you can apply your tiles simpler and much easier.  You should apply your tiles by a twisting motion to make it easier to stick to your wall.

Once you have lay all of your tiles then you should about letting this to dry for the next day or so which means you shouldn’t be going for a bath or shower.

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