How to Save Money on Groceries

Shopping on a budget does not mean having to make compromises. In fart, shopping on a budget and making the best use of the food that you have not only saves you money but also helps you to eat healthily. We will see that the menu is at the heart of saving money on groceries and the menus are made up of recipes. If you can control the recipes then you can control your costs.

How to Save Money on Groceries How to Save Money on Groceries

Menu Plan

A menu plan is a list of meals that you are going to prepare and serve over the course of the week. All the food that you are going to buy will be based on the menus, so your menu plan is your shopping starting point – it will provide you with your master shopping list. The menu needs to give you a good variety -budget shopping does not need to compromise any health requirements. The menu plan needs to be:

  • healthy
  • nutritious
  • well balanced

Leftovers as Part of the Menu Plan

Planning to create what could be food waste may sound mad. But think about the possibilities of leftovers when you plan your menus: uneaten vegetables can be mashed in with potatoes for a bit of variety, and uneaten chicken can be turned into a delicious curry the next day. There are economies to be made by buying oversized chickens and joints of meat because they are the ones that are discounted first through lack of sales. If you do not intend to eat the leftovers straight away you could also freeze them.

Technological List

If you have a computer and a spreadsheet package, this is ideal to create your list. You can print one off each time you shop and cross off all the things you do not need. The other great thing with a spreadsheet is that you can include the price you paid last time to monitor price changes. It will also help you to estimate your shopping bill before you even leave for the store. It can also be the basis of another strategy: shopping around. Not all the bargains will be in one store.

Using the List

The list is your master shopping list but it is something more than that. You can use it all week. Fix it to the refrigerator and when something is used up from your master list, highlight it. This will mean that you replace it on your next shopping trip. If you have included the prices on your list, everyone in the household will see exactly how much has just been spent by using that item. It might make them think.

Shop Smart List

You might have designed your list with one store in mind but that does not mean that you cannot buy items somewhere other than your regular store. You don’t need to go to discount stores or health food stores every week, so you might want to categorize the items you do buy from them separately. You might also want to leave some blank lines at the end of your list. Sometimes there will be special purchases to be made.

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