How to Save Money on Cleaning Products

Cooking can be messy and it is important to make sure that your kitchen is always clean and hygienic. Various nasty bugs, in the form of bacteria and viruses, can thrive in an unclean kitchen or even in a clean one when nooks and crannies have been ignored. Famous brand names would have us believe that they have a solution for every cleaning and hygiene worry. They also aim to convince us that they are formulated especially and hundreds of scientists have spent decades developing the products. According to the office cleaners dublin, this could not be further from the truth!

How to Save Money on Cleaning Products How to Save Money on Cleaning Products

Cheapest cleaning products

Even the branded cleaners basically consist of one or two active ingredients. Once we know what they are, it is far cheaper to buy them in bulk and just simply dilute them. Many of the cheaper cleaners actually work even better than some of the big names. However, a word of advice: it is dangerous to mix some chemicals. If you were to mix ammonia with chlorine bleach, the gas that would be created could be fatal.


Huge multinational companies, like Proctor & Gamble, Unilever and SC Johnson, produce a bewildering range of cleaning products. They are all backed up with tested claims and they have enormous marketing budgets to persuade us that their creams, sprays and liquids do a far better job than anything else on the market. They might do, but at a price – and you do not always have to pay that high price. However, we should not disregard these branded products, especially if they are on special offer or are part of a multi-buy deal. But bear in mind that own-label, multipurpose and home-made cleaning products will probably do just as good a job. If you need more tips or help, contact carpet cleaning daytona beach.

When to Buy Branded

Like all of the other products in the grocery store, branded cleaning products are often offered as part of a special deal. The manufacturers may provide the grocery store with the free item in the buy-one-get-one-free deal, with the purpose of convincing you to switch your brand, having first tempted you to try it. Play the game and switch brands, but when a competing brand has a similar deal the following month you can switch to them. Switching makes sense and saves you money,

Own Brand

Just like any other product, an own-label cleaner is often made in exactly the same factory, in exactly the same conditions, with precisely the same formula as the branded product. There might be slightly weaker bleach, it may smell of pine instead of lemon or it might be less gritty and abrasive. Own brand does not necessarily mean watered down or less effective. In fact, in many tests, the own-brand products are superior to the branded ones, or at least as good.

Value Cleaning Products

Value cleaning products, or unknown or unnamed, are pretty much at the lowest end in terms of price. These are perfectly safe, usable and effective. But do not expect a premium quality product. The cheapest possible ingredients will be used. The likelihood is that if you find something that works well for you, you might not be able to find it again. Therein lies the problem: if it is cheap, do you stock up and take the risk that it will work, or do you try it out, discover that it is great and then never see it again? Many discount stores have their own regular, value brands. Some of the unknown brands are in fact well known in other countries. It is probably worth giving them a try.


How many households have got a cupboard full of cleaning products, each with their own specific job? A hob cleaner, stainless steel shiner, bleaches, anti-bacterial sprays, and the list goes on. To cut down on space, time and money, consider some of the multipurpose cleaners. A spray that cleans, degreases, shines and is anti-bacterial should sort out nearly all of your work surfaces and your kitchen hygiene issues. The problem is that these are often branded products, so they are premium priced. Watch out for new promotions, particularly when a new brand is launched on to the market.

Natural and Eco-friendly

We should all quite rightly be concerned with the planet and the effect of pouring buckets of bleach down our sinks and toilets. There is a growing trend towards buying natural, eco-friendly cleaning products. But are they not just branded products with a different set of features to attract us? Natural products have also found their way into own-brand product lines. Playing on our concerns, the stores will always add a little to the price of these eco-friendly products, knowing that we are prepared to pay slightly more and shaming us into doing it.

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