How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Pump

When you have your swamp cooler in your home then you could find that you get some problems with the pump in the system meaning that more than likely you are going to have to remove this and replace the pump which is why we will like to recommend  the heat pumps Auckland service.

When you have this system in your home then it is very simple to understand actually; they help save you a lot of money and energy instead of using the usual air conditioning systems.  Any hot air from outside will be filtered through into the system passing through wet pads which filters the air into cool air and then comes in through the vent and into your home without a lot of hassle for you.

Swamp Cooler Pump How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Pump

If you don’t have access to an air conditioning system in the house then these can really be a great substitute for you to have especially during the summer months.

If you do find that your cooler pump is not working as it should be then replacing is probably your only option but it isn’t as bad you as you might think to fix this problem.  You will need the follow however to start;

  • Pump hose
  • Replacement pads
  • Ring clamps
  • Screwdriver
  • Replacement pump
  • Warm water
  • Pliers
  • Water pump filter basket
  • Lubrication oil
  • Towel
  • Detergent
  • Soft brush

Your first step will be to stop all power coming to and from your swamp cooler so you need to shut off all of the power.

Your next step will be to remove your water pump but that means finding it first so you need to look inside your system.  You can get access through your side panel but it is attached by some screws so take your screwdriver and remove all of the screws and put them on some tape and wrap them up in the tape so that you don’t misplace your screws.

You need to remove your panel and you will see a number of things which you are going to have to remove.  These will be you water pads; your hose which needs to be unplugged because that is actually connected to your water pump so you are going to have to remove this by getting your pliers and removing the brackets under the pump keeping it in place.

Now you need to put in your new pump; the installation part is actually quite easy to do however; so take your new water pump and get yourself a mesh filter bag and put that into your bag, your pump should be going into your filter bag.  You can do this to help your unit working better and smoother.

You need to put your water pump into your water reservoir and reattach your pump to the brackets and hose.  You will have to put in two hose ring clamps – one on either side to keep the pump secure but this should be a few inches from the end of your hose.

You need to locate your output and place your hose onto it at your water pump; your next end should have been connected to your distributor of water near your water pads.  You need to keep the hose secure by putting the clamp on the hose and keeping them tight on your hose.

Swamp Cooler Pump 1 How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Pump

Next it could be that you think about checking on the maintenance of your unit now that you are here anyway.  You should know what is working and what needs cleaned or replaced so that you can keep account of anything needed to be done.

You should take out all the water from your water tray and clean that you hot soapy water with an added bit of detergent; then you could use the brush and if there are any stubborn dirt still left remove it.  You should dry off the tray and then replace it once more.

Add a little bit of oil or grease to your fan to help it run better and even if you put in a few new water pads.  You should always check on your water levels also.

Your real last step should be to put your panel back into place.  Reattach your screws and then turn the power back on and the unit should be working as good as new again.

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