How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

Most of us have had a swamp cooler in our homes and that they don’t always run to perfection and that a lot of the times we will have to make sure they work properly so it means that repairs might need to be done.  You could find that your motor burns out and will have to be replaced but not everyone will know how to do this exactly and are uncomfortable because they don’t really know the procedures so here are a few hints as how you could replace your swamp cooler motor safely and without calling in a professional.

What you are going to need;

  • A wrench
  • A screwdriver
  • Some oil
  • Or grease
  • Your new swamp cooler motor
  • New belt if you need to replace that also.

Replace Swamp Cooler Motor How to Replace a Swamp Cooler Motor

To install your new swamp cooler motor then you are going to have to get rid of the old one first but don’t worry that is not as daunting as you might think.  You are going to have to get access to your cooler so remove the protective grille or plate which should be held in place with some screws; so once you have done that then you can actually see inside the vent and get into also to start the process.

There should be some wires connecting to your motor which you will remove and then put them to one side and deal with the bolts next.  There will be a lot actually which keeps your motor in place so you will need your wrench for this part to remove them and then take out your belt also.

You should replace the belt if you think that there is any damage to it or is just looking a bit old so it is best to stay safe when it comes to your swamp cooler parts and not just checking on the motor.  If you need a new belt then you will install this before your motor goes back into place so don’t worry about that now.  You will remove all bolts and then remove your motor from their brackets and then you can take it out of the cooler.

Now that have you bought your new motor you can now install  it; you want to put it back into the old place as your original one so you need to place it into the swamp cooler and find the bolts that keep the motor in place and secure them also through the brackets.  You should also move the bolt which keeps your pulley in its place so that is secure.

You have to put your belt back into place; now if you have bought a new one then it is fine also, it is good to freshen up your parts.  You will need to reattach your belt by putting it over your pulley and the motor and then back into place.

You might find that you have to remove your motor for this part though hopefully not; you should make sure that the belt is secure in place by making sure that it is tight and not able to move freely.
Now you are going to have to reattach your wires to your motor; this should be done safely so always consult your manual for this part but you really should be just putting the back as how you found them originally.

You can now test your swamp cooler to see if everything is working or not and then reattach your casing on your cooler and then you are done.

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