How to Replace a Dryer Vent

If you find that your dryer vent isn’t working as it should be then it could mean that your clothes are taking twice as long to dry than normal then you should think about replacing the old one if you have tried repairing the dryer vent.  A lot of the problems can be that the vent has became blocked with lint which could even damage some or even most parts of your dryer vent meaning that you have to replace the whole unit.  Here is what you are going to need and what you need to know to replace your dryer vent.

What you need to get;

  • Tin snips
  • Metal duct collar
  • Vacuum
  • Exterior Dryer vent

Replace Dryer Vent How to Replace a Dryer Vent

  • Measuring tape
  • Silicone caulk and caulking gun
  • Foil Tape
  • Metal screws
  • Dryer Vent hose
  • Electric drill

Your first step – to inspect your vent

You should know that your ventilation hose is connected to your outside wall of your home.  You need to search all parts of the vent from your outside wall to the hose so that you can see if there is anything damage to the hose; if there is then you are going to have to replace the part.  You need to know all the right measurements of the hose so that you know if you need to replace that then you can get the right sized hose.

Second step – taking out the old vent

You have got all of your new parts so now you can take out your dryer vent and disassemble it and put it into the bin.  You will need to take out your external vent but you need the collar for your new vent so remember to keep this.

You should clean out any lint that is in the dryer vent and you should think about cleaning this out often so that you can lessen the risk of a fire breaking out.

Third step – start your preparation of your new vent

You need to put your vent where your old one went and for the new screws you are going to have to install then you will need to use some screws so you need to mark out where they are going to be going.  You should get your metal collar cut down to size with some tin snips.

Fourth step – to install your vent

You are going to have to put your new collar into your dryer vent and putting your vent back into position again.  You will need to keep this in place with silicone caulk and as well as some screws also; you don’t want any leakages so you need to have the entire vent secured to the wall.

Last step – attaching your hose

To replace your dryer vent then you will need to reconnect your dryer to your exterior vent so that the air circulates back out of your home.  You are going to have to take away your old hose but this is quite easy to do you just need to pull it off from your dryer.

You are going to have to take your new hose which you bought earlier and put this back into your dryer.  You want to put this to your external vent but you need to keep this hose straight without bending it or twisting it otherwise you won’t have a good enough air circulation through.  You are going to have to put your collar and attach it to your dryer hose; you should keep these in place with the use of some metal clamps or even some duct tape.

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