How to Repair Your Fluorescent Lighting

If you are interested in saving some energy dollars, you might wish to consider fluorescent lighting, particularly if you’re going to put in new fixtures. Fluorescent tubes give light much more efficiently than incandescent bulbs. In fact, a 40-watt fluorescent gives out more light than a 100-watt incandescent while using less than half the current. When searching for your lighting supplies, the incandescent bulb costs a lot less than the fluorescent tube, the fluorescent can last from ten to twenty times as long.

Why wouldn’t everyone switch to fluorescent lighting? Buying the new fixtures would cost quite a bit, making the payback in savings a long time off.

However, there are now fluorescent bulbs that have a tiny built in ballast and screw into a lamp or fixture socket. This gives you an inexpensive way to try fluorescent lighting and see if you like the kind of light it produces. Some people don’t.

fluorescent lights repair How to Repair Your Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent repair

If you turn on a fluorescent fixture and the tube doesn’t light up, here are some things to check:

1. Is there current to the circuit? Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker switch.

2. If the tube isn’t properly inserted in the lamp holder at each end, no electricity is reaching the tube.

3. If your fixture requires a starter, replace it with the proper size starter.

4. If you have another fixture that uses the same size tube, switch them and you’ll find out if the tube is burned out.

Sometimes a fluorescent tube blinks or flickers. Before it drives you crazy, check these things:

1. If it’s a new tube, the problem should go away shortly. In fact, shut the fixture off and back on, and the problem may solve itself instantly.

2. Check the lamp holder and the pins on the end of the tube for corrosion. Light sanding will eliminate this. If the pins are bent, use pliers to gently straighten them.

3. The problem may be in the starter, or the tube may be going bad.

If the tube is just partially lighting-for example, the ends are dark, or there’s no light in the middle, try these things:

1. Reverse the tube end for end.

2. Shut off power to the unit and check the wiring and all connection^, starting at the ballast.

3. Try a new starter.

If the fixture starts to hum, it may mean the ballast is going out. Check the wiring, and if that doesn’t help, be prepared to buy and replace the ballast. It should be wired in just as the old one was.

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