How to Repair Window Blinds

Venetian blinds and blockout blinds are a lot alike. Repairs are easier than you think. The most common problems are with the cords. So, let’s start with them. The cords often look like a maze, but if you lay the unit out on the floor face down, you can make a simple drawing of the route that the cords take. The drawing will be your road map when installing new cords. Some are considering remote control blinds for a home in Orlando or anywhere where the blinds need a bit or a lot of fixing.

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There are two cord systems … the lift cord and the tilt cord. Most blind repair kits come with cords for both systems. So, we’ll replace both, starting with the lift cord:

1. The ends of the cords are knotted under the bottom of the tapes. Untie them and pull on the loop as if you were raising the blinds. This will pull the cords out.

window blinds repair How to Repair Window Blinds

2. Start feeding the new cord up through the bottom on the side next to the tilt cord. The cord goes on alternate sides of the ladder tape.

3. Bring it up over the pulley and along the top over to the mechanism on the other side.

4. Go under the first and over the second pulley.

5. Now bring the cord down through the lift cord locking device.

6. Go back to where you started and pull the cord until there is just enough sticking out from the bottom rail to let you tie a knot. Return to the other side, feed the cord over the second set of pulleys, and work it down through the other ladder tape.

7. When that’s done, adjust the size of the loop, trim off the excess, and tie the other knot.

8. That’s it except for the tilt cord. Just run it over the tilt pulley and back down. With this properly adjusted, add the pulls and you’re finished.

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The second problem area for blinds is the webbing or ladder tapes. If one or two of the small ladder pieces have come loose, use fabric glue, which is available at fabric stores. If the entire webbing set need replacing, here are the steps to new ladders:

1. Lay the blind unit on the floor.

2. Untie the knots of both ends of the cord and pull them up and out at the top.

3. This means the louvers or slats can all come out. Remove them.

4. A U-shaped hook holds the ladder tape to the top of the tilt bar. Pull it out and remove the ladder tape and hook the new one in place.

5. Insert the slats and run the cord through the ladders, knot the cord under the bottom rail, and take the rest of the day off.

Knowing all these tips, you may also want to consider having roller blinds for your windows.

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