How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

When you have an evaporative fan in a room then you should realise that this is one way in which you could help save a lot of energy and be an earth friendly thing to use in your home.  This is something which is going to save yourself a lot of money as well as cutting down on a lot of electric bills because these aren’t like your normal air conditioning systems today.

Your evaporative fans are really a swamp cooler but this is their proper title however; this takes use of a water supply with a reservoir so that it use that to help bring air into your home instead of electricity with it generating air into a home.

Repair Water Pump How to Repair the Water Pump in an Evaporative Fan

If you find that you have problems with your unit then you might have to carry out some repair works on your bore pumps.

What you are required to purchase;

  • Filter basket
  • New pump hose
  • Bleed tee, Bleed tee cap and Bleed line
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • New water pump
  • Pump hose clamps

Your first step is to know what is exactly wrong with your unit; so you need to get access to the inside of the fan.  You need to remove your panel at the side of your evaporative fan so that you get to your water pump.  Your pump should be on and when it is then you will have to remove your hose to see if there are any problems with that hose.

Your second step will be to turn off all power to your unit so that you are going to be working with electricity so you need to switch all power off first.  You also need to unplug the fan also so that you don’t get injured working with the unit because you could get injured trying to repair your water pump if the electricity is still active.

Your third step will be to take out your hose clamp; take your pliers to your edge of your hose clamps.  You need to keep on moving these clamps unit you can remove your clamps out from the hose itself.  Now you can remove your bleed line and you should see it going through to your roof; you should know that this is going to be around the bleed tee and almost a quarter of an inch long.

Now you can put your new water pump in; to finish off repairing your evaporative fan then you will need to put your new water pump into the fan.  You will need to put this to your evaporative fan to your tee; your bleed tee will need to be connected to your pump with the other end attached to your water distributor.  Now all of the other parts can be put back into the right order in which you removed them.

You can turn the power back on as well as the plug back into place and then test to see if your repairs have done any good or not.

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