How to Repair Exhaust Fans

Many of us have these exhaust fans in their homes because they can really help us and our homes greatly when they have been installed correctly.  These fans helps keep the air in our homes cleaner and the ventilated better without one of these in our bathrooms and kitchens but these do work great in the bathroom however.

If you find that there are no noises when you fan is on then your unit is working great but if you find that there are a lot of noises then you should think or rather know that you have problems with your unit.

If you do feel that you have some repair work needed to be done then here are a few things which you can look out for and know to help you repair your exhaust fan.

Repair Exhaust Fans How to Repair Exhaust Fans

Now you won’t find anything out by just staring the unit itself you are going to have to look inside.  So you need to remove your cover; this is easy to do however because your grilles or covers will be held into place with either a clip or screw which either are easy to remove.  You might need your screwdriver for this part however.

If you are working near your light in your bathroom then switch off the power and light because you might need to remove the bulb to look at any problems and if it is not then you will find it is hot and will burn yourself and getting burnt on a light bulb is a very serious and painful thing to happen so please be careful.

A lot of the times it is a problem with your motor in the unit which is causing all of the problems so if it is then you are going to have to replace the old motor with a new motor so you are going to have to follow a few steps first.

  • Your motor works by electricity and therefore is going to be plugged into your housing box which will need to be detached.  Your motor should be removed from your box by removing any of the electrical wires keeping that in place. Take a look at this solar tube review that can help you in case there’s not electricity where you’re at.
  • You need to take out your fan housing box because it will probably be a little dirty and will need cleaned out properly so take some time and clean this out.
  • You should find the model or serial number of your fan which should be helpful with you when it comes to finding out about getting a new one.  It could say where you should be going to get your new motor.
  • When you buy your new motor which should be from an electrical or home improvement store then you can take home and start to install the new one.
  • You will need to put your housing box back into place so that you can attach your new motor to it with the wiring that needs to be done.  Your plug will also have to be attached to this fan housing box also.
  • You put your motor into where the original stood and now you can put your grille back into place and test out the exhaust fan to make sure that it is working again.

Repair Exhaust Fans 1 How to Repair Exhaust Fans

When it comes to taking some precautions when you have your exhaust fans then there could be a few to take in to consideration because these are sensitive things when you really know these.  They were made to be that way so you should know a few things.

When you are going to repair your unit then you always have to have some form of safety items; now these should be to protect your eyes so goggles would be the most appropriate things to have so that if there is any debris falling down while you work, you won’t get any into your eyes.

The next thing you should know is that before you even think about doing any repair work then it should be that all of the power to the room and for safety to your home is off so that you don’t have any kinds of accidents in your home either to you or anyone else in your home.

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