How to Repair Bathroom Vents

When you have your bathroom vent in place then these help stop the bacteria growing in the room stopping mould from forming meaning that when you use your shower then the moisture is taken out of the room stopping the buildup of mould from forming.  If you find that your unit doesn’t work then here are a few hints as to how you could fix your unit.

You are going to need a few things first; a ladder to reach your unit but make sure this is not big or small so that you are towering over your unit or even struggling to reach it.  Your voltage tester so that you know if there are any live wires on; your screwdriver to remove your vent cover and of course your new motor.

Bathroom Vents How to Repair Bathroom Vents

You need to start off by knowing if there is any power going into your vent; you can do this when you see your vent is not working at all.  You could have a fault with your electricity to the vent so if your vent is connected to your light switch also then test that out to see what is the problem, it could be a fuse has blown which can be fixed easily or it could be something else.

If you find that your switch is not connected to your light then you need to start with your switch and removing the cover that is over your switch.  Take out the two screws that keep it in place and then you will see your wiring inside.  You could see if everything looks fine and is connected properly and if you think it is then take your voltage meter and see if you have any power at all.

Next you need to take out your old motor; you need to make sure that there is no power going into your vent or it is connected to any power source because you could find yourself getting a nasty shock.  So you need to remove your protect plate first to get to your motor, this will be held in place with some screws usually so these are easy to remove.

You need to know the make of your motor to get your replacement.

Now you are going to have to put in your motor.  This is easy to do, how you have removed your old motor will be reversed so your plate is removed and your wheel blower has also been removed also revealing your motor.  Now you can put your motor in, replace your wheel blower and your plate.

You can check to see if the unit is working now or not.

Before you do so however you might want to think about cleaning the vent out since you have got the cover open; there is probably a lot of dust there so you can easily clean that out with a cloth or even a vacuum cleaner.  You need to wash and dry everything properly before you replace your cover onto your vent.

Now if you have tested your bathroom vent after putting in a new motor and it is still not working then the problem has not been with your motor.  It could be something to do with your exhaust pipe; so you are going to have to check this out.

Your exhaust pipe is what helps take out the air from your room and out of the home, so it might not be actually connected so you might have to make sure it is and then look for any type of rips or tears in the pipe.  If there are you need to repair this and then see if the fan works now.

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