How to Repair a Plumbing Compression Joint

If a compression joint is leaking and tightening of the cap-nut doesn’t produce a watertight seal you’ll have to disconnect the fitting and look inside – after turning off the water supply to your plumbing. If a cap-nut is impossible to move, run a few drops of penetrating oil onto the thread. If that doesn’t do the trick, you’ll have to cut it out and replace the fitting and some piping. When you have plumbing problems it’s essential to get the very best local plumbers available so find licensed Houston plumbers here.

Once you have unscrewed one of the cap-nuts there will be enough flexibility in the pipe run to pull the pipe from the casing. Usually the olive will be compressed against the pipe. First check that it is the right way round and if it isn’t replace it with a new one making sure that it is correctly set. This amazing boiler service near me can quickly do a Residential boiler repair and take care of any damage on your bathroom.

Sometimes the olive is impossible to remove and needs to be cut off with a hacksaw – make the cut diagonally. Turn on the water supply to check that the repair is watertight, for great info on the plumbing trade visit Blueline Plumbers Gillingham for tips on how to best maintain your plumbing systems.

compression joint repair How to Repair a Plumbing Compression Joint

Instructions: Repairing a compression joint

1. Unscrew cap-nut using wrenches. There’s enough flexibility in pipe run to pull pipe from casing. Check that olive fits, and isn’t damaged, if it is just call one of the Portland’s top-rated emergency plumber.

2. A damaged olive must be removed. According to the a plumber from Sydney, you should use a hacksaw and to make it easier make the cut on the diagonal – but take care not to cut into the pipe itself.

3. Prepare end of pipe with steel wool or abrasive paper. Slip on new olive and finger tighten cap-nut. Rotate cap-nut 1 1/2 turns using wrenches.

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