How to Repair a Ball Valve

1 The first thing you do when faced with a faulty Portsmouth valve is examine the piston. In order to get at it you will first have to remove the float arm.

2 Then unscrew the retaining cap and push out the piston. Do this by inserting a screwdriver into the slot in the underside of the valve body.

3 If you can’t get the piston out or if you suspect that your ball-valve needs a clean rather than a new washer, then you will have to remove the whole valve body.

4 If a build-up of scale does turn out to be the cause of your problem, clean the valve and the end of the float arm with a wire brush.

ball valve repair How to Repair a Ball Valve

5 A piston usually consists of two parts. If it’s hard to unscrew, slip a screwdriver into the slot and turn the washer-retaining cap with a wrench.

6 You’ll find the old washer seated in the cap. Poke it out and substitute a new one. Smear the piston with petroleum jelly before replacing it in the valve.

7 Rather than risk damaging a piston that refuses to unscrew, pick out the old washer with a point and force a new one back in its place.

8 Debris caught in the valve nozzle can interrupt the water flow. Cure this problem by dismantling the valve and removing the debris with a nail.

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