How to Remove a Car’s Pinstriping

Lucky charm does not favor everyone and he/she cannot possess a new scintillating car. A majority of people have to satisfy with used cars. There is possibility that we may come across some fascinating used cars, which are on sale at affordable prices. However, the problem with most of the used cars is that they have stickers, which the users stick as a memorabilia. You have to remove these stickers in order to make the car yours. In addition, if you want Mods for the M54 engine or any other car detailing ideas you may have, make sure you go to your local body shop.

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Steps to remove a car’s pinstriping

  1. It is the patience, which you require the most while pinstriping the car. You need to have all the necessary things in order to avoid problems in the future. Purchasing a decal car remover from the local car accessory shop or a specialty company, like car detailing products by SONAX may be a good idea. If you do not get it, then there is no need to panic and run to every shop in search, as there are other options available in the market. Get some rags, scrubbing pads and micro fiber cloth in order to continue with the cleaning process. You can finish off the task easily by getting car wax. Get a hair dryer, as this may come handy if you require some priming.
  2. You need to ascertain different methods of pinstriping before finalizing with a method. If you notice that pinstripe is peeling, then you just need a sticker remover bottle and some rags for cleaning the car. However, if the pinstripe does not show any sign of removal, then you need to carry on with further steps.
  3. Initially, you will see that the windows might get a bit damaged, you can later remove window tint and replace it with a new tint. Later, you need to heat the pinstripes with hair dryer. You need to avoid getting too close to the paint, as this potentially damages it and increases your expenses.
  4. Spray the pinstripe cleaner at the initial stages and use a plastic scrapper for rubbing edges of pinstripes. Again, you need to take care of the paint, as this can spoil the paint.
  5. According to experts from schmicko, You need to rub the pinstripe to the extent that you can remove or peel off the sticker with your hands. If there is need to spray, then use it, otherwise you need to avoid spraying repeatedly, as your car’s paint is at risk.
  6. Wash and wax the area covered with pinstripe, as many times, some remnants stay on the edges of the car. If the paint of the car is old, then you need to go for repaint.


  • You may require a spray, scrubber and a wax can for pinstriping your car.
  • You can search “sell my car for cash” for fast unwanted car removal.


  • Avoid overheating of surface, which is going to remain under the sun for the entire day.

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