How to prepare for an IT Career

When it comes to giving career advice, everyone who is anyone likes to weigh in, be it a college friend, a professor, a neighbor or an uncle. This has given rise to several career myths that you should not fall for, especially if you are aspiring for a career in the IT industry. This article seeks to teach you Being Your Own Best Advocate and bust four most popular myths associated with IT job, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to your career.

A college degree is all you need to get a good job in the IT industry

This is arguably one of the most popular myths associated with the IT industry. You must have heard it so many times from different sources ranging from well-meaning acquaintances to concerned cousins that once you get a college degree, you can get a good job in the IT industry. However, this cannot be further from truth today, as a number of graduates remain unemployed for months and even years. Experience, better qualification, learn Spanish at home or any other foreign langugae, and training are valued in the industry that receives applications from multiple candidates for an opening.

it job How to prepare for an IT Career

IT industry pays better salaries than other verticals

Though it is true that IT careers such as Cybage careers pay well, the salaries that you can earn in this industry are not stratospherically high like those compared to the pay packages offered by the media and entertainment industry. Like other verticals in the economy, IT industry is also subject to the laws of global financial system. As such, the salary drawn by a person working in the IT sector depends on several factors. These include the qualification of the person, the location of his or her work, the company he or she is working for, and the years of experience that the person has in the industry.

Shortage of employees in the IT sector guarantees great entry-level opportunities

It is common to come across a news story about the shortage of workers in the IT sector in the local daily or a business journal. However, while there is an iota of truth in these stories, they are far from 100% accurate. To explain further, there is an increase in the vacancy for senior level jobs in the IT industry, the same does not translate into more job openings at the entry level. Most leading IT companies in the country are constantly on the lookout for experienced professionals who can add value to the organization and though entry-level positions keep opening up every now and then, you will have to beat tough competition to land the job.

A diploma will seal the deal for you

Last of the four most persistent myths about the IT industry is that getting a diploma marks the end of learning curve in this field. However, just the contrary is true, as new software and hardware keeps developing in this sector and you need to keep abreast with the same to further your career to the heights that you have dreamt about as a student. Do not let these myths misguide you in your IT career.

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