How to Prepare and Plan for Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs are the first to plant in the development of a garden so that they will grow while other gardening activities continue. They can be planted at almost any time between autumn and early spring. Trees and shrubs are available in containers from garden centers, they can be planted during the summer. However they require careful maintenance once planted which is why we hired Owens Bros Tree Service a company in New York to come all the way here to help us. A tree service expert will know how to maintain the health and appearance of your landscaping trees.

The ground which trees would occupy must be well prepared because the tree and shrub will occupy the same area of land for the upcoming many years. It is preferable to do planting and the full range of tree care services during the autumn season because the soil will be perfect at that time. Delayed planting can be a cause of all kind of problems as the bitter wind and cold ground of early spring wither the emerging buds hampering the growth, you will also need to keep away pests, you’ll understand the convenience and necessity of a portable bed bug heater once you get one like this. You would also need high quality termite control so that the pests won’t get inside your home.

TREES AND SHRUBS How to Prepare and Plan for Trees and Shrubs

A hole of sufficient size is all that is needed to accommodate all the roots without getting cramped. The depth should be sufficient to allow the tree or shrub to settle. This can be determined clearly by observing the stain at the base of the main stem cause by earlier soil level. The broken or damaged roots should be trimmed and the plant should stand in the hole. More trimming and pruning tips on the blog. Incase of a tree that requires a stake, then this has to be knocked in before filling the hole so that there will be no damage to the roots. Crumbly soil is used for filling the hole and the shrub or tree is to be worked up and down so all the crannies between roots get filled with particles and no air pockets will occur. If you want to make sure that your plants are getting the proper nutrients from the soil, then consider using something like topsoil for great quality soil.

Then, the surface of the soil is firmed and if a tree has to be planted then it is to be attached to a stake appropriate tree ties to prevent the stake and tree from rubbing each other when tied. In those places where rabbits can cause trouble, sacking, wire netting specially designed tape can be wrapped around trunks for preventing the barks from getting stripped.

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