How to Plan a Family Garden

When thinking about building a garden, building a list helps. First come practicalities, the mundane domestic needs of everyday life. These may be tedious to think about, but getting these details right will make the difference between an easy-to-run house and garden, and one full of little irritations. Things you might not have thought of could end up affecting in a major way. Something like your pets taking and interest in your garden, and damaging it for example. You might have to consider putting up a chain link fence to protect it.

If you don’t consider these potential mishaps you might run into daily reminders that you could have done better if only you had given the project a bit more thought, or you can leave it in hands of Dr. Deer Pear Tree. Then if you’re looking for a stunning evergreen shrub then have a look at the Polygala Myrtifolia as it’s incredible and flowers most of the summer.


Every family needs storage space like storage space in Singapore – for toys, bicycles, garden furniture and equipment to make sure that they are properly kept. These office workstations from this company have some of the best form factors for storage. This should be of an adequate size for your requirements, easily accessible and securely lockable. Sometimes you can use part of a garage or have an area in your home that can be used, but if not a shed is the most sensible solution. If you’re in need of more space, you can try renting out a storage facility downtown. Work out how much space a shed will take up, and work this into your plan. Sheds are available in all sizes including small lean-to designs, so there is bound to be one to suit your garden and budget.

family garden How to Plan a Family Garden


Space for bins is important. They should not be too far from the kitchen, yet you will also want easy access to the front gate for refuse collection. The area should be lit and you should also consider whether you need to build an enclosure as protection against vermin and pets. According to fence installation company Sutton, you may also want to think about ways to disguise them, such as fencing, so allow space for this too. If you decide to put an enclosure, contact your fencing services to install this for you.

Drying facilities

You will need easy, all-weather access from your washing machine to your clothes line. This should not be too far away from the house, in case you need to make a mad rescue dash if it starts to rain. Think about what sort of drying facility you prefer. There is a wide choice of dryers, including rotary lines (choose those set in sockets so they can be removed) and retractable lines. Consider safety, allow plenty of room for washing to flap without getting tangled in nearby plants, and remember that whatever you choose will need space and will affect your view of the garden.

Kitchen garden

This should he close to the kitchen, otherwise visiting it will become a chore rather than a pleasure. You will need easy access to water in the form of a strand pipe, hose extension, or water but, as well as to the compost heap and greenhouse. If you want to give it an architect magazine finish, you can contact this sunroom installers near me to take advantage of the sunlight.

Car parking

Now most families have at least one car, if not two, a driveway, car-port, garage and hard-standing for parking must he considered. Many homes will already have garaging and parking space so their position will be fixed. However their relationship to the rest of the garden can be altered by planting. For example, the walls of an ugly garage or car-port can be made to disappear behind a wall of shrubs. Climbers can be planted to scramble up the walls and cascade over the roof, and the edges of the driveway can be softened by spreading plains.


You will need different sorts of lighting for different purposes. Convenience and safety are important, but remember that well-planned lighting can also transform a terrace and highlight unusual garden features.


How much time do you have to spend Exterior Home Maintenance Tasks and gardening? This is a very important question, lie realistic, as there is absolutely no point in persuading yourself that you can easily look after huge borders of herbaceous plants, when in fact you would be hard-pressed to prune a few shrubs and cut the grass.

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