How to Make Rock Candy

Rock candy is made of sugar crystals or crystalline sucrose in its very simple form. It’s one of first ever made candies. Rock candies are very easy to make. But then, since it will involve heating of sugar solution, supervision of adults is highly recommended.

Materials/Ingredients You’ll Need

  • Stove and saucepan
  • Clean glass or jar
  • Butter knife or pencil
  • Rough cotton string
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Flavoring (optional)
  • Water – 1 cup
  • Sugar – 2-4 cups

 How to Make Rock Candy


  1. Pour into saucepan your water and sugar. Start with the sugar first measuring 2 cups. If you wish a colored rock candy, you can add some food coloring.
  2. Heat the mixture in your saucepan. The heat in your stove should be medium heat. Continue heating until mixture starts boiling. Continue adding sugar until you’d see that it has stopped dissolving.
  3. As much as possible, don’t allow the mixture (syrup) to get hotter. Ju st keep it to a near-boil and continue stirring until the sugar has dissolved. This is when you see that your mixture has become clear without any floating crystals in the liquid.
  4. Take away the pan from the stove. If desired, mix in a bit of flavouring. Place the pan in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes for it to cool. You may want your mixture to be cooler or at room temperature before transferring it in a jar.
  5. Use the syrup mixture to dampen the cotton string then roll it in dry sugar. Excess sugar must be shaken off from the string.
  6. Tie string to a knife or pencil so that you will be able to set the pencil on a clean jar’s top. Make sure that the string won’t touch the bottom or sides of your container.
  7. Pour the now cool syrup to your jar and then add string. Use a coffee filter, paper towel or a piece of waxed paper to cover the top.
  8. Let the jar sit for about 3-7 days. Put it in a place where it won’t be disturbed. Take away any sugar crust that would form on the liquid’s top. You can also eat this sugar crust.
  9. Carefully remove the string if you notice a lot of crystals forming on the bottom or sides of the jar and then set it aside. To dissolve the sugar, reheat your syrup. Sugar syrup must be cooled below room temperature. Once it’s cool, pour content in a clean jar. You need to cool your syrup to avoid dissolving the crystals which are already in the string. Hang your string in your liquid.
  10. When you are completely satisfied with your crystal’s size, you can then remove it.
  11. You can hang the string to give it time to dry or you can immediately eat your rock candy.
  12. Get a dry container which has a seal where you can keep your rock candy. The rock candy will stick to itself that’s why it’s advisable to coat it with powdered sugar or wrap it using waxed paper.
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