How to Make a Push-Fit Joint for Waste Pipe

Preparation for ring-seal or push-fit jointing is similar to that for solvent welding. The pipe end must be cut absolutely squarely and all the burr removed. You should draw a line round the cut end of the pipe 10mm from its end and chamfer back to this line with a rasp or shaping tool, then clean the recess within the push-fit connector’s socket and check that the sealing ring is evenly seated. One manufacturer supplies sealing rings separately, and they should be inserted at this point. The pipe end should now be lubricated with a small amount of petroleum jelly and pushed firmly into the socket past the joint ring Push it fully home and mark the insertion depth on the pipe with a pencil. Then withdraw it by 10mm, which is the allowance made for expansion. The expansion joint that is inserted into long straight lengths of solvent-welded waste pipe consists of a coupling with a solvent-weld joint at one end and a push-fit joint at the other.

push fit joint How to Make a Push Fit Joint for Waste Pipe

As with solvent-weld jointing, individual manufacturers may give varying instructions. Some, for instance, advise the use of their own silicone lubricating jelly. Where the manufacturer supplies instructions it is best to follow these exactly.

1 Cut the pipe squarely as in solvent-weld jointing and remove the burr, then take the fitting and clean the socket out with the recommended cleaner.

2 Check that the rubber seal is properly seated in the socket. You may find seals are supplied separately and you will have to insert them.

3 Now chamfer the end of the pipe to an angle of 45ˇă, and smooth off the chamfer carefully with fine glass paper so that no rough edges remain.

4 Lubricate the end of the pipe with petroleum jelly over a length of about 5mm.

5 Push the pipe into the socket gently but firmly. Then push it fully home and check that all is square, otherwise you may damage the sealing ring.

6 Now make a pencil mark on the pipe at the edge of the socket – you can easily rub it off later if you want to – to act as a guide in setting the expansion gap.

7 Gently pull the pipe out from the fitting so that your pencil mark is about 10mm away from the fitting to allow for expansion when hot water is flowing.

8 The joint is now complete. Wipe off any excess petroleum jelly. Don’t lose the expansion allowance when joining the other side of the fitting.

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