How to Make a Pillowcase

Sometimes you decide that what is in the shops is not good enough for your sofa. Or you are simply looking for a creative activity, something to do with your hands or a relaxation. If you have free time and good will, nothing can stop you from doing miracles. So, you have decided to make a pillowcase but you’ve never done it before. Here are some hints to help you with your plan.

Decide What Kind of Pillowcase You Want to Make

First things first. In order to make a pillowcase, you first have to imagine how it would look like and where it would stand. Do you need a sleeping pillowcase or you need a pillowcase for decoration? Do you want a large one or a small one? Will it be just one colour or it will have some art decoration? There are many questions you need to answer before you start with the job. Once you have a clear vision, draw it! See your pillowcase-to-be and then you can start working.

Some Technical Details – Size

OK. You know exactly how your pillowcase would look like. Now it’s time for action. Decide about the size. Have in mind that according to the standards, the sizes are: normal – 21″ x 32″, queen size – 21″ x 36″, king size – 21″ x 42″. Of course, you may choose to make a pillowcase that is not standard. It is up to your imagination.

Pillowcase How to Make a Pillowcase


Second thing to think of is the fabric. The best always are the natural fabrics – 100% cotton, linen or silk fabrics. Buy more fabric you need, just in case you fail at the first attempt. It should be 45″ fabric. Normally you will need 2 yards if you are making 2 standard cases. For queen size you have to use 2.25 yards for a set, for king size 2.5 yards.

Making the Pillowcase

Real process begins. Cut the fabric. Make sure there is a half-inch seam allowance at three of the sides and extra four inches at the fourth one for the hemlin you will make. Usually it is made at the shorter side. Now comes the stitching, be careful to stitch the bottom and the sides properly. Again, you should leave half-inch seam allowance. Now you can choose what type of hemlin you will make. Usually it would be three-inch hemlin. In order to do that, you have to fold the opening twice. Before stitching, iron it well. Then you are done with the stitching part. All what is left is to turn out the right side of the pillowcase and decorate it the way you see it. Use your imagination. Make it unique and each time you look at it, you will feel positive.

What You Need

First you need is the idea of course. Practically speaking, you need fabric, scissors and needle, and of course sewing machine. The iron should be at hand when you are making the hemlin. You will need also matching thread and stuffing at the end.

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