How to Make a Paper Plane

Today children may choose between many possibilities when it comes to toys – electronic toys, high quality replicas of cars, guns, samurai swords… you name it. A really good place to find toys for kids is Time to Teach as they have lots of brilliant choices, with a lot of them being educational too. And still, it happens that sometimes they are happier to see something very simple, something made by you at the same instant, something extraordinary for their technocratic childhood.  You will be surprised to find out how exciting for the kids of certain age a paper plane could be. Do you still remember how you felt when you were a child and saw your uncle making one? How you played with it for hours and hours. It might seem strange but it is not. It’s all a matter of imagination. That’s what the toys are made for – to stimulate the children’s imagination and  that is why you should check this wooden toys. Reading articles from websites like can help you select toys that encourage exploration and problem-solving.

So, you are up to make a paper plane. Here are some hints on how to succeed though you might think that you couldn’t.

Things You Will Need

You will need a sheet of paper, and maybe something like a ruler in order to make the edges sharp. If you really want that your plain flies, better make all the edges sharp. And another advice, the paper shouldn’t be too heavy, because of the same reason.

Paper Plane How to Make a Paper Plane

In Action

Put the sheet of paper on the table or on the desk. Put it vertically and fold it in half in length. Carefully fold the top corners and gather them together exactly in the middle of the paper sheet. Now that you have made a new figure on top – a triangle, fold it down the sheet. The top of the triangle should match exactly the central line which you made when folding the sheet of paper on half in length. Next step is again to fold the top corners and meet them in the central line. Now fold what you have made in half again, in length. It already starts to look as a little plane, doesn’t it? Make the wings by folding the two edges in a way that they align with the central line. Last to do is to unfold the wings. You have a plane!


Some Ideas

Choose the paper for the plane carefully. If it is too light and soft, your plane will look loose and will not be able to fly. You need a type of paper that will permit you to make exact and sharp edges. It should be hard but still, not heavy. If the paper is too heavy, again it is very likely that your plane will fall rather than fly.


You may think of some decoration of the plane. You may either decorate it when it is ready or before the whole process starts. In both cases there are advantages and disadvantages. If you decorate it after it is ready, it will be kind of hard for you to draw on it properly. You might end up drawing on the wings and body of the plane only. If you decide first to draw on the sheet of paper before starting the folding process, it would be easier for you to draw but difficult to guess which part of the drawing goes where. Best thing to do is to choose a coloured sheet of paper, make the plane and then just add a few details on the wings and the body.

It is important that you use some soft pencils when doing this; otherwise the drawings might damage the ability of the plane to fly. Then you have to decide what’s more important for your plane – to be able to fly or to look beautiful.

Don’t we always make decisions like that in life – what’s best: beauty or content?

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