How To Kill A Tree

Trees are the beautiful creations of nature. One’s heart gets depressed on even thinking to kill one. Sometimes, there are some that have to be cut down when they start to pose danger to people or they become an obstacle in the way of progress. Following are the ways to gently kill a tree according to a tree service.


Despite the recommended dosage for fertilizing a tree, it has to be doubled or tripled. The more will be better and faster. This should be especially done when the season is dry and the over-fertilizing can easily burn up plants and trees. The answer to the question of killing a tree is simply over feeding it with safe fertilizers from a professional tree service. The thinking of feeding a tree does not mean anything about killing it as compared to axing it. The best available option is to over-fertilize it or prune it by Tree Company Bronx.

Kill Tree How To Kill A Tree

The Salt Treatment

Make deep holes around the trunk of the tree. They have to be bored diagonally going down. The holes should have a diameter of at least three inches deep. Then, a salt solution should be poured in. The ratio of the solution should be 1:2 which is one part water to two parts salt. When the solution disappears, it has to be refilled. This is one way to kill a tree with out getting in notice of anyone. Watering it with the same salt solution ratio is another option.

Parking near It

If the tree is near an area adjacent to a street or a garage, then try to park the vehicle directly under it. The vapor or smell of motor oil is very dangerous for trees. Furthermore, it the trees are not watered at all then this is a good idea of killing it without putting in a lot of effort.

Bark It

The large sections of the trunk can be chipped off regularly. This type of slow killing method will make it easy for the tree. As compared to the axe or chainsaw, this gives a better feeling. Killing a tree gently needs to be done in a gradual way. If you need professional help in removing a tree stump, the steps to do so are explained on Tree Services Manhattan website.

Cover with Cement

A thick layer of cement can be applied around the tree. Hollow blocks can be placed around it to build a wall around consisting of two layers. It can be then filled with concrete. It is not possible for tree roots to flourish with concrete.

Prune to Death

The trees can be regularly pruned and it should be made certain that branch young growths and less than 2/3 of the fresh leaf are cut. It is better to hire – tree service company in Georgia, they can cut larger portions at a time and glue or rugby can be applied on the place where the branch is cut off. Some trees have a stubborn nature and they will keep growing no matter small they get through regular cutting. The remedy is to keep cutting it until it becomes a bonsai plant. After that, it will be fairly easy to cut it, see more information about Tree Company Bronx.

Check Local Guidelines

Before trying anything else, the local authorities can be consulted regarding laws and guidelines of cutting and killing trees. If you’re looking for a professional tree service company, check out these guys.

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