How to Install a WordPress Theme

What are WordPress Themes? Custom themes are available for those who have self-hosted WordPress. It is available for download at A free hosted blog from limits the user to the themes that are available. A custom theme pack cannot be used on a free-hosted site.

WordPress themes help makes a site more appealing to the eyes and emphasizes the content. Bloggers running on self-hosted WordPress installations spend time and effort to acquire, design, and customize their themes. If you are interested in installing your unique theme to your WordPress blog, you can follow these:

For those who have their own sites with individual FTP directories, all sorts of themes from WordPress Themes Directory or from other online communities can be accessed with the use of search engines. Some terms used by theme developers to identify themes are:

  • Colums and colors. These refer to the general aesthetic aspects of a WordPress theme.
  • AdSense-ready and SEO-ready. Many people make small incomes from blogging. The themes under these terms have features that combine web advertising and search engine optimization with the theme. For more details about SEO can be found on
  • Widgetized. Widgets help users customize the look and design of personal websites by customizing sidebars, headers, footers and other page elements.
  • Free and premium. Most designers can allow their users to use the themes for free. When they are allowed for use after a payment, then it is considered “premium”.

WordPress Theme How to Install a WordPress Theme

Most of the packages downloaded are in compressed.ZIP or tar.gz files. The upload method used can determine if you can keep the single file as is or if you can extract the contents into different folders in your computer or FTP server. Read the instructions carefully. There might be special instructions that come with the file.

The easiest way to upload themes to your WordPress directory is with the use of the Dashboard. This only works best if you are using WordPress release 2.7 or higher.

Step 1: Log into your blog.

Step 2: Select ‘Appearance’ under the Menu pane from the dashboard. Click ‘Add New Themes’

Step 3: Select ‘Upload’

Step 4: Select the zipped file that has the theme you want to upload. Upload with the built-in uploader of WordPress.

The new theme will be uploaded to your /wp-content/themes directory of the WordPress install.

Uploading Themes through FTP

The built-in uploader is very useful for beginners but is not as flexible as uploading the themes through FTP, especially when the theme owns plugins and special features in itself. If this is the case, follow these steps:

Step 1: Extract contents of archive to a convenient computer location

Step 2: Log into your FTP account

Step 3: Upload the base directory of the theme to the directory location which is at /wp-content/themes. You can upload the base directory of the specific plugin when necessary.

Step 4: Test if the theme works by checking your blog.

WordPress themes are useful in making sites look impressive. The themes also give the sites a look that you want to portray may it be chic, high fashion, or professional. You can attract more readers and have more fun developing content for your own site.

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