How to Install a Deadbolt

Rather than replace the old locksets, we suggest you install a deadbolt cylinder lock above the old unit. The two locks may cause you to spend a little extra time getting in, but that gives you extra protection. A locksmith services professional should be doing this so you are sure you get a proper installation. If you want to make sure you house is even more secure, then consider getting a home security system and set up a few security cameras and an alarm system for extra protection. A video surveillance installation will help improve the security of your property by warding off would-be burglars and constant monitoring of the premises. You might also want to consider hiring professional residential and commercial security services.

1. Be sure the new lock has a paper template to let you drill the necessary holes. Tape the template on the door as shown. One hole goes in the side of the door and is for the cylinder. The other goes into the edge and is for the bolt. They must be lined up properly for the new lock to work. Get a new lock from Quicklocks 24/7 they have so many options from which you can choose.

2. The best tool for the cylinder hole is a power drill and hole saw. Then use a spade bit for the hole that will house the bolt. The template will tell you what bit size is needed for each hole.

3. Drill the cylinder hole first. When the point of the hole saw comes through on the other side of the door, stop and move to the other side to finish the hole.

deadbolt installation How to Install a Deadbolt

4. When you drill the hole for the bolt, continue until you have reached the cavity of the cylinder hole.

5. Insert the bolt in the hole and mark the spot for the plate.

6. Use a chisel to mortise out for the plate. Use the plate to mark spots for drilling pilot holes for the screws that hold the plate.

7. With bolt secured in place by the plate, insert the exterior part of the cylinder so that the connecting arm fits into the bolt unit.

8. Attach the inside part and secure it with the bolts.

9. All that’s left to do is to mark the site for the strike plate on the door jamb, drill the required size hole, and mortise.

The other way to handle this is to replace the entire old unit with a new deadbolt type. You might want to hire a residential locksmith if that’s what you’re going to do. Having secure locks is extremely important for home security, so having them professionally installed could make a difference. If you’re going to be attempting this yourself, then try to find one that will fit into the old holes. If this isn’t possible, you can enlarge the old holes and maybe get a decorative plate to help cover exposed areas.

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